Nonklaive 2014

Nonklaive 2014

Event Description:

This year the Sept of the Veiled Valley needs the help of the nation.  The Wyrm plans to release a great adversary upon the nation.  One that will be a plaque upon the lupus, then turn itself upon our very core.  Will you stand up and fight.  Will you live up to your birthright.  Will you lend tooth, claw, and your connection to Gaia to defeat this enemy?

Then be welcomed to the Veiled Valley. Our Moot and Sept will be honored with your attendance.  There we will hear tales of Honor, Glory and Wisdom.  We will sense our connection to each other and to Gaia.  Near the end of our moot, if she so honors us. Gaia will show us where our enemy resides.  Will you give victory to Gaia or do you give it to the Wyrm

This Nonklaive is brought to you by all a new Garou Staff.  Martinsburg By Night welcomes you to NonKlaive this year.  There will almost constant plot going on.  On Saturday 4pm, we will eat during the time of our scheduled Moot (food provided). If you have special dietary needs.  We advise you go off site to bring it in. There will be soft Rp between 12 noon to 6pm on Friday, then the plot gates open:)

Ken Mattson

Nathan Baker

David Kovak

Nonclave details can be seen here:

Please send Character Sheets to

If you have any questions please send it too:

Please have quick write ups of gifts, including w20.  This helps facilitate smooth running of scenes.  This helps you as well as the St's, and its greatly appreciated by your garou staff.



$35 for Preregistered Sheets

$40 for Walk-ins

ONE DAY FEE $20 Preregistered Sheets

ONE DAY FEE $25 for Walk-ins

Car​ds & Cash this year​!

Event Dates: 29-Aug-2014 4:00PM EDT to 01-Sep-2014 11:00AM EDT
Genre(s): Garou
ST Contact:
Event Website: Link

Lodging Information:

Prince William's Forest - Campsite 4
Lodging Type: Campground
Website: Link
Lodging Details:

It is an Outside in the woods Site - with Cabins, Main Kitchen, Gym and a Fire Circle  Please see Nonclave Site for what you should bring if this is your first or 10th year.

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