MIdwinter Sabbat and Garou

MIdwinter Sabbat and Garou

Event Description:

Sabbat -and- Garou events listed below.


This year at the Midwinter Gaming Convention OWbN will be hosting both a Sabbat and a Garou Game.



One World by Night Chronicle Zephyr of Darkness will be hosting the Sabbat genre game at Midwinter.  For plot teasers head over to the Mentor Society's Blog.

The Sabbat game will begin at 7pm in the Juneau Ballroom on Thursday 12th, Friday 13th, and Saturday 14th.

ST Email: midwinter-2017-sts@googlegroups.com

Sheets must be submitted to the event staff by January 2nd.



One World by Night Chronicle Obsidian Shadows will be hosting the Garou genre game at Midwinter.  *Plot teasers to come!*

The Garou game will be at Noon in the Walker Ballroom on Friday 13h, Saturday 14th, and Sunday the 15th.

ST Email: Midwintergaroustaff@gmail.com

Sheet must be submitted to event staff by January 2nd.



*Pander's Playground is not in control of any part of the Midwinter games, for questions regarding either game, please contact the ST Emails provided above.

Event Dates: 13-Jan-2017 8:45PM EST to 15-Jan-2017 8:45PM EST
Genre(s): Sabbat, Garou
Event Website: Link

Lodging Information:

Hilton Milwaukee City Center
Lodging Type: Hotel
Website: Link

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