One World by Night Code of Conduct

Update and approved by Council, May 21, 2024

  1. Players and volunteers will be courteous, respectful and professional in their out-of-character interactions with each other. If there is a conflict between individuals, they may either seek out a third-party (an ST, CM, Mediation or even Exec) for mediation to reconcile their differences or do their best within the confines of OWBN to avoid interactions with each other.

  2. Do not make unwanted and/or non-consensual sexual or physical contact with other players and volunteers. If you are unsure if you have consent or that the contact is wanted, err on the side of caution and ask. Respect other people's boundaries.

  3. Do not use abusive, derogatory or inflammatory language in your OOC interactions with other players and volunteers. This includes racial, ethnic, and gender-related slurs; threats of physical violence; sexually inappropriate commentary; and calling someone names.

  4. Players and volunteers are free to disagree about things, but those disagreements must be handled in a mature and direct fashion. Examples of inappropriate ways of handling disagreements include making derogatory remarks about the other party publicly, using deliberately inflammatory language in discussions and starting rumors about another party's motivations or actions. When conflict is unable to be dealt with respectfully by the involved parties, Mediation and Exec can and will step in to mediate.

  5. Whenever a player or volunteer is uncomfortable with a situation, either in-character or out-of-character, they have the right to step away without guilt or recrimination. If there are consequences that must be faced in that situation, in character, accommodations will be made to alleviate the discomfort of all involved. The player or volunteer may select someone to represent them going forward, or agree to narration of IC consequences, or simply request a short time away.

  6. Threatening in-character or out-of-character repercussions to another player or volunteer to discourage them from speaking to their ST staff , CM, Mediation Team, or the Executive Team regarding their complaints or concerns or inquiries will receive local and/or org-wide disciplinary action for the interference.

  7. Real life always comes first.

  8. There is no such thing as a game emergency. We all put a lot of time and energy into this hobby, but it is not acceptable to harass others to answer our game questions immediately.

  9. Everyone is responsible for their own behavior, no matter the provocation or reason. It is up to the individual to apologize sincerely for any poor conduct on their part towards other players and volunteers.

  10. The LARP community, and in particular the World of Darkness LARP community, has a lot overlap between organizations. We all share a responsibility to make our community a fun and safe place. Players and volunteers in One World by Night who are banned from other organizations and conventions for questionable behavior may be subject to investigation of their behavior within the org, and potentially propped for disciplinary action.

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