Gangrel Event 2022

In Character:

I am Gilgamesh, King of Kings, and I put forth this missive.

The last Gather occurred three years past and actions were taken by those of the blood. Many things were witnessed and experienced while those present were attending under the ancient laws. Actions were taken by many and worse yet were the inactions of others. Know that our Traditions, Practices, and Rituals were violated during the last Gather. The Gather I presided over was tarnished by the actions of many of those who attended.

Once more shall the Gather be held in the lands that were dishonored and my hand shall not stay the blade should ANY seek to disrupt our ancient ways. There shall be much to discuss and be brought to light to those of the blood.

There shall be those invited into attendance that have not been seen at such a gathering in a time and they could be sought for council if one has the spirit. The discussions are only a part of the Gather and shall give way to the practices that come after.

I once again claim this Gather and you shall decide the future of your blood.




Out of Character Time:

For note I require that you are vaccinated for people to attend. Make sure to bring your vaccine cards and if none are presented, you will NOT be allowed to attend the event.

Sheets need to be sent to and the cutoff date is August 11th, 2022 for sheets to be sent. Vaccination proof can be sent along with sheets so that you can be confirmed good to attend the event.


Hosting Chronicle:

Rebellion in the Shadows



August 25th to August 27th


Dillon State Park

5266 Dillon Hills Drive

Nashport, OH 43830

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