Custom Kuei-jin: Ritual

Some chronicles allow for their players to develop customized powers for their characters. The following is a compilation of player created custom content in OWBN. At this time, custom content that is created and/or used by vampire PC's is required to be listed.

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Custom Content Category: Kuei-jin: Ritual
XP Cost: 6XP
MET Mechanics:

This Rite allows the Kuei-jin to cleanse an area of corruption or defilement, by means of
auspiciously designed Chi lines, provided the Kuei-jin has had the time to study the location
thoroughly and tend the Dragon Nests and Dragon Lines in such a way as to repel harmful,
defiling beings. The area to be guarded, which must center on a Dragon Nest, and may extend
for a radius of up to the Kuei-jin’s Feng Shui ability rating in miles, must be cleansed and
prepared for at least an hour during the casting of the Rite, with symbols painted around the
inside of the area, and aromatic herbs must be burned. One Chi Trait provides 24 hours of
protection, while a second Chi Trait provides a week, and a third Chi Trait a full month of
protection. This Rite has two effects:
First, while this Rite is active, any Creature of Smoke and Shadow which attempts to
enter the area is barred from doing so, and forcibly expelled from any body they are possessing
at the time. In the event a particularly powerful Daeva manages to overcome this protection and
enter anyway, they still find themselves forced to spend a Willpower Trait every Scene they wish
to remain.
Secondly, the casting of this Rite counts as a cleansing, similar to Feng Shui: Broom of
Heaven and Chi’uh Muh: Purification, save that it is a cleansing of Advanced Level, and may be
able to cleanse corruption or defilement which would be beyond those powers.

Date of Archival: 15-Aug-2020
Custom Content Category: Kuei-jin: Ritual
XP Cost: 7XP
MET Mechanics:

ntermediate Yang Prana

Cost: 7xp

Invoking Principle of Motion enables you to use the Bomb in all challenges of speed and agility. You may use Xùnsù on any challenge in which you rely upon your own speed, even if your opponent attempts to use strength or stamina.  Thus, if you try to use Xùnsù to dodge out of the way of someone grabbing at you, you can still use the Bomb.

Date of Archival: 06-Nov-2022