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Some chronicles allow for their players to develop customized powers for their characters. The following is a compilation of player created custom content in OWBN. At this time, custom content that is created and/or used by vampire PC's is required to be listed.

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Custom Content Category: Blood Magic: Path
Blood Magic Category: Thaumaturgy - Hermetic
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:
    Based on the path of Spirit Manipulation, this path was created by Rosamonde Kurlein, with 
input and assistance of Liam McGovern and other Tremere in Northern California, to allow the 
thaumaturge to interact with the astral realm.  Unlike Spirit Manipulation however, there is no 
inherent risk of being attacked by spirits if the practitioner loses a challenge.  Instead the inherent 
risk of this path comes from primarily interacting with other astral travelers, who may not be 
friendly towards the thaumaturge.
    Note that all powers of Astral Manipulation which are indicated as targeting or affecting astral 
travelers may also be used to target or affect other astral entities, if encountered.
Basic Astral Manipulation
Astral Sight - 3xp
    With this power you can perceive the astral realm, allowing you to gaze deeply in to it, or 
perceive nearby astral travelers as a hazy overlay on the material world.
    This power does not allow you to see into the lands of the dead, in to the realms of the fae, or 
the spirit world.
    You may activate this power at will and automatically see any astral travelers or entities close 
by.  If you wish to gaze in to the astral realm itself, you must spend a Mental Trait; you may then 
see into the astral realm for the duration of the scene.  While looking into the astral realm, you 
must bid an additional two Traits on any challenges in the physical world due to the difficulties 
caused by divided perceptions.  You may terminate this power at any time.
Astral Voice- 3xp
    Not all astral travelers speak English, or can communicate with individuals in the physical 
world.  With this power you can understand and communicate with astral travelers.
    Spending a Willpower Trait activates this power for the remainder of the scene.  As long as 
the power is active, you may converse with astral travelers, regardless of language utilized, and 
understand their responses.
Intermediate Astral Manipulation
Astral Manifestation- 6xp
    This is perhaps the most dangerous power a practitioner of Astral Manipulation has at her 
disposal - failure here may well mean a painful death in the future at the hands of the astral 
traveler.  This power allows you to give orders to an astral traveler, or cause the astral traveler to 
become visible and audible in the physical world.
    To use this power, spend a Willpower Trait and make a Mental Challenge against the astral 
traveler.  With success, the you may either cause the astral traveler to become visible (as per a 
manifested Astral Projection, with no cost to the astral traveler) and audible (as though subject to 
the effects Whispers of the Ghost) in the physical world for the remainder of the scene, or force 
the astral traveler to obey whatever command you give, as long as it doesn't endanger the astral 
traveler's well-being, or conflict with her morals.  It should be kept in mind that unless other 
powers are used, the astral traveler may well be fully aware that she is being forced into 
something against her will, and she may seek revenge at a later time.  
Entrap Astral Ephemera- 6xp
    With this power, you may trap an astral traveler in the astral realm, or even anchor it to a 
specific object.  
    To use this power, spend a Willpower Trait and make a Mental Challenge against the astral 
traveler.  With success, the astral traveler's silver cord snaps regardless of his current remaining 
Willpower Traits, stranding him in the astral realm.  
    To anchor a stranded astral traveler to a particular object or location, you must engage the 
stranded astral traveler in a Mental Challenge.  If you win, the stranded astral traveler cannot 
leave the room (or move more than 10 feet from a particular object) for the remainder of the 
evening. The stranded astral traveler may expend his remaining Willpower Traits to resist, 
forcing you to expend a Mental Trait for each Willpower Trait spent.  
    By spending a temporary Willpower trait at the time of this Mental Challenge, you can force 
the stranded astral traveler to remain in the location for a full week; a permanent Willpower Trait 
extends this time to a year.  If the stranded astral traveler attempts to leave the location, it suffers 
one aggravated level of damage per turn outside of the confines of the anchor until it returns or is 
destroyed utterly.  An astral traveler anchored by this power may immediately spend a 
Willpower Trait (provided he has temporary Willpower remaining) and initiate a Mental 
Challenge against the Astral Manipulation practitioner, with success freeing him from the 
locational binding, and re-establishing his silver cord. 
    Astral travelers anchored to a person are visible and audible to that person, and are at a two-
Trait penalty against all uses of Astral Manipulation by a practitioner they are anchored to.
    Anchoring a stranded astral traveler to his original physical body will cause the silver cord to 
regenerate within seconds, returning the astral traveler to his body.
    Unless also anchored via Entrap Astral Ephemera, an astral traveler trapped through this 
power is subject to the same hazards as any other stranded astral traveler (see Psychic 
Advanced Astral Manipulation
Astral Duality- 9xp
    The height of astral transactions, you can now fully interact with the astral realm.  When you 
activate this power, you exist in both planes simultaneously.  You can pick up objects or beings 
in the material world and place them in the astral realm or vice versa.  The beings and landscapes 
of both worlds are solid to you, and you may interact with them as you please.  You can even use 
Thaumaturgy or other Disciplines in either world.  Still, it's not a walk in the park - a journey 
such as this is not without its dangers, and a single mistake may leave you trapped in the astral 
realm with no way home.  Incautious travelers may become starved into torpor in the astral realm 
- there is no blood to be had among astral forms, after all.  
    Astral Duality may only be used while you are in the physical world.  Note that while this 
power is in effect, you are vulnerable to attacks from both worlds.  You are considered to be in 
the physical world, as far as basic physics and common sense are concerned - for example, if 
there's a road in the physical world that leads over a chasm in the astral realm, you may walk 
across the chasm just fine.  
    To activate this power, spend a Willpower trait and make a Static Mental Challenge.  If 
successful, you enter the astral world without leaving the physical world.  Before going further, 
make a Simple Test.  if you lose, repeat the test twice - a third consecutive loss means there was 
a backlash and you were ripped out of the physical world and thrown into the astral realm.  
Whether or not there is a way back to the physical realm is up to the Storyteller.  
    If the entrance was successful, and you're not trapped in the astral realms, you now determine 
how long you can remain.  Make Simple Tests until you lose - the number of tests won 
determines the duration of the effect.  
    After the power has been activated, you must bid two additional Traits on all challenges as 
long as Astral Duality remains active; perceiving two realms can be distracting, making even 
routine tasks an exercise in concentration.
No. of Wins          Duration of Effect
0                          One turn
One                     Three turns
Two                     10 turns
Three                  10 minutes
Four                    The remainder of the scene
Date of Archival: 21-Feb-2015
Custom Content Category: Blood Magic: Path
Blood Magic Category: Thaumaturgy - Hermetic
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:
Borealis - Custom Thaumaturgy Path\
This Path was created in the Night… Falls (NVA) chronicle by Vincent King. It's being submitted by Berkeley, CA for a few reasons: 1) Our player Saskia Dietrich has the path, 2) The Arcane Compendium from 2010 is no longer valid, that's where the path was contained and now it has to be submitted to the database, and 3) It's custom material that isn't in the database yet.
Ran's Touch: By concentrating, the thaumaturge can freeze a small area, rendering simple devices useless. To activate this power the target must be touched and single blood trait must be spent, then the caster engages in a Mental vs. Physical challenge. An additional Blood Trait must be spent for a currently moving target. This cannot be employed on a living or undead target. 
Grasp of Magni: A slightly larger area of space can now be frozen and the thaumaturge no longer needs to touch the target. By spending a Mental Trait the caster may create a small (up to a cubic foot) block of ice. If targeting a person or something that a person is grasping, the caster must engage in a Mental vs. Physical Challenge. The Ice can halt movement of a person or machine, and will last until melted or broken (static Physical vs. 6 traits). 
Forseti's Silence: With this level of control the thaumaturge can create a wall of Ice. The wall is three cubic feet of ice for each Mental Trait spent to cast it, has as many Enduring Physical Traits as Mental Trait spent to cast it, and has health levels equal to half of the Mental Traits spent to cast it, rounded down. The wall must be summoned in unoccupied space within 50 feet of the caster. 
Hel's Kiss: The thaumaturge can literally freeze the blood of his chosen target. By spending a Willpower and winning a Mental vs. Physical challenge against the target, up to 3 Traits of Blood are frozen in the target's veins. A Mental Trait must be spent for each Blood Trait frozen. For mortals this would cause a lethal wound for each blood frozen, and render that blood permanently useless fluid. For Kindred this would make the blood unusable for 5 Minutes or the end of a scene. In both cases the target would be down one Physical trait for each blood trait frozen. 
Tomb of Buri: This power can completely incase a single target in a Tomb of Ice. The thaumaturgist must concentrate for a full turn, expend a Willpower Trait and initiate a Mental vs. Physical Challenge against the target. The Tomb has as many Enduring Physical Traits as Mental Trait spent to cast it, and has health levels equal to half of the Mental Traits spent to cast it, rounded down. If a Mortal is trapped in the Block of Ice he or she will take one Lethal wound each round until broken free. The victim of this power may attempt to break out, destroying the health levels of the ice, by initiating a physical challenge from within it.
Date of Archival: 01-Nov-2017
Custom Content Category: Blood Magic: Path
Blood Magic Category: Voudoun Wanga - Serpents of the Light
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:

Chango's Grace

Once a proud Yoruban king, Chango enjoys immense popularity among the the devout of the Santeria faith. He and his wife, Oya, wield the power of lightning as their favored weapon, making their mark on any battlefield they cross. By forging an association with these two Orisha's, a Cainite can borrow a small portion of Chango's and Oya's power for themselves, to devastating effect. Some would claim that the Wangateur is merely imitating a powerful deity, but the faithful know the truth; that their lightning is a blessing bestowed upon them by a proud king and his fierce queen.

Basic - Chango's Spiteful Vigor
Virility is one of Chango's most well-known traits. He is often depicted as youthful and passionate. Chango's Spiteful Vigor allows the caster to channel some of that excess energy into anyone he comes into contact with, momentarily filling them with more vigor than their body is capable of handling, and causing it to spasm out of control.

The Cainite needs only spend 1 Blood Trait. Electricity crackles around the vampire's eyes and at their fingertips. This is enough to ignite readily flammable materials (such as gasoline or cloth, though not wood). Anyone who comes in contact with the caster suffers the negative physical trait of Clumsy for the rest of the turn, as the shock causes their body to briefly twitch uncontrollably. Once activated, this power lasts for an hour or the scene, or until the Cainite decides to cancel it's effects.

Basic - Favored Arms
Both Chango and his wife, Oya, wield the power over the domain of lightning. Many tales tell of it's use, to devastating effect, on the battlefield. One story even tell of how Chango, having been captured, was freed from his prison cell when Oya sent a bolt of lightning to strike open the jail.

The caster must spend 1 Blood Trait. The electricity coursing through the Vampire's body can arc across short distances to effect those nearby. Engage in a ranged Mental challenge with a target within 30 yards. the target uses their Physical traits to soak, and must bid an additional trait while attempting to do so, as lightning can strike rather quickly. If successful, the lightning strikes its intended victim, dealing 1 health level of lethal damage and igniting anything flammable it comes into contact with.

Intermediate - Hushed Whispers
Oya is know as the 'Mother of Nine' because she gave birth to nine individual stillborn children. Hushed Whispers is a direct reflection of the sadness and emptiness she feels for being unable to bear children, and a manifestation of the eternal silence of those nine lost children.

The caster spends 1 Blood Trait and must make a static mental challenge against an appropriate difficulty (4 for standard electronics, 6 for shielded power supplies, 10 for military grade hardware, or more at the narrator's discretion). The electromagnetic wave generated by the electricity in the Cainite's body pulses outward a short distance, causing any electronic devices within 10 feet to be disabled as their batteries are immediately drained, and the devices cannot receive power for the remainder of the scene.

Intermediate - King's Decree
Before being elevated to an Orisha for performing miracles after his death, Chango was the third King of Oyo. He is of boisterous temperament, and is said to be the essence of masculinity. His indomitably assertive nature is something that can be channeled to staggering effect.

The Cainite must spend 1 Blood Trait. By channeling the fury of Chango, the Cainite is able to release a devastating sonic burst. All within 10 yards of the caster are knocked to the ground, and must spend an action to get to their feet again before taking any other physical actions. Affected individuals also suffer the Negative Mental Trait Oblivious for one minute, as the intense sound ruptures ear drums. Any who are unfortunate enough to have a means of heightening their hearing become stunned and can take no actions except to defend themselves for the remainder of the turn, and are deafened for the remainder of the scene or hour.

Advanced - Stride of Yansa
Oya is a fierce warrior Orisha who wields the might of storms as her weapon. Even as she passes through the battlefield, it is said that her movements are sudden, sharp, and precise as if she were lightning itself. Through this penultimate mastery of divine favor, the Cainite transcends the physical form. He becomes, for the briefest of moments, the pure essence of Oya's stride.


The Wangateur spends 1 Blood Trait and 1 Willpower Trait. For a brief instant the Cainite's body transcends the physical, becoming lightning itself. In this lightning form, the Cainite can move with impossible speeds and can cover great distances in a few seconds. While in this form, the caster suffers no damage except from sunlight and magic, but is incapable of interacting with surroundings in any sort of meaningful way. This form begins on the caster's turn and only lasts until the end of the round. Storytellers are advised to limit the distance to about 100 miles per round and not allow such travel to interrupt the flow of game play.

Date of Archival: 24-Jan-2016
Followers of Set
Custom Content Category: Blood Magic: Path
Blood Magic Category: Necromancy - Western
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:
Death's Architect
This path was developed to help the family gain access to the powers of Arcanoi without having to rely on wraiths.  Also it is to discourage any interaction with the tremere over stockpiling fetishes. The Practitioner of this art must be skilled in Soulforging.  Prior to creating any object, the Practitioner must also subdue the wriath whom he wishes to soulforge.    If the item is to be given to another, that individual MUST be present for the creation of the item, and must provide the blood required to enchant the item.  As an additional cost, each of the final three powers require XP to be used - provided by the intended owner (1 point for a Minor, 2 points for a Moderate, 3 points for a Major item).
This power will only work on Soulforged Items.  The craft level of the item also limits the amount of Pathos the item can hold.  Should the final magic test to activate the Arcanoi fail, the item may never have it's powers awaken.
Craft     Pathos     Arcanoi Level
1           2               Innate or Basic
2           4               Innate or Basic
3           4               Up to Intermediate
4           6               Up to Intermediate
5           8               Up to Advanced
 Anyone learning this path loses the ability to activate spiritual fetishes entirely.
Detect potential (1st basic): You may expend a Mental Trait and engage a Wraith in a Social Challenge (retest Wraith Lore).  Should you win, you may gain some information about what Arcanoi this wraith has access to.  Win or lose the wraith is aware that you are trying to find out its secrets.  This power may only be used on wraiths that are in the same plane of existance as the Necromancer.
Soothing the Soul (2nd basic): This power is used to 'charge' soulforged items with the Pathos they need in order for them to be activated.  Expend a number of Mental Traits equal to the number of Pathos you will to recharge and then engage in a static Mental Challenge (vs the number of Pathos Traits you are attempting to recharge).  You may not undercharge an item.  When it is created it has a set charge and you must recharge it completely or not at all.  Should you fail in recharging the item, it will lose one level of the number of Pathos it can hold permanantly.  Note: these losses are cumulative and may lower the number of Pathos below the ability the item needs to be able to activate, effectively destroying the item.
Minor Creation (1st intermediate): This power allows the caster to soulforge an item with an innate or basic arcanoi of a type that the wraith being soulforged possesed. This power takes an entire night and costs 1 Willpower and a Point of Blood per Point of Pathos to be held by the item being created.  At the end of the night maake a Social Challenge vs triple the Blood being expended.  Success means the item now carries Max Pathos and that Pathos may be used by the attunded individual to activate the Arcanoi held in the item.
Moderate Creation (2nd intermediate)- Functions as Minor Creation except with intermediateAarcanoi.  This power costs 2 Blood and 2 Willpower.
Major Creation (advanced)- Functions as both creation powers except with advanced Arcanoi. This power costs 3 Blood and 3 Willpower
Date of Archival: 21-Feb-2015
Custom Content Category: Blood Magic: Path
Blood Magic Category: Assamite Sorcery - Dur-An-Ki
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:
Ex Inferis
[OWbN Dur-An-Ki Packet, originally from]
The exact origins of this path of Dur-An-Ki are obscured in the mists of time. Some say that Al-Ashrad developed it after the clan's warrior caste's curse at the hands of the Baali. Other rumors are told that this path was incepted by an infernalist Sorcerer who managed to break his bonds of demonic slavery. Unless otherwise noted, the powers of Ex inferis are retested with the Theology ability.
1 - Pervideo (Survey)
Before you can fight the taint of the infernal, you must first find it. The first level of the Ex Inferis path enables the Sorcerer to locate infernalists in his vicinity.
MET Conversion: The Sorcerer makes a static Mental Challenge with a difficulty of the target’s current Mental Traits; if successful, the Sorcerer may ask the target player if his or her character is ”currently under the influence of any Infernal Taint” and receive a truthful answer. If used on an individual employing Obfuscate or other such power, the Sorcerer still may throw the challenge, but will only know that an Infernalist is in the vicinity if successful.
Note: Investments which hide Infernalism (such as Mask of Innocence) will nullify this power’s effectiveness.
2 - Venatio (The Chase)
Infernalists that have been spotted rarely stick around to suffer their righteous punishment. As such the Sorcerer must have a means by which to track the infernalist. The movements of infernalists that have been discovered by use of Pervideo can be tracked by this power. 
MET Conversion: On the same night that the Sorcerer has successfully detected an infernalist with the use of Pervideo, he may cast Venatio. The Sorcerer engages the target in a Mental Challenge (defender retests with Subterfuge). If successful, a trail of light indicating the infernalist's traveled path will be visible to the Sorcerer for the next scene or hour. If the target is Obfuscated or otherwise supernaturally concealed, the trail will still lead to the current location of the Infernalist. While this power is in effect the infernalist will experience a continuous feeling of being watched.
3 - Adversor (Oppose)
Upon attaining this level of the path the Sorcerer can invoke a warding sphere against infernal creatures. Infernalists and demon-possessed beings coming into contact with this ward will be expelled from it and will suffer intense pain, and even injury.
MET Conversion: Spend a Willpower in addition to the normal cost to activate Adversor. When the sphere is active, it extends 10 feet around the Sorcerer, and is stationary. Any Infernalist with active Investments or Infernal powers attempting to pass into the warding sphere, already inside the sphere when it is cast, or attempting to affect the area within the warded zone with Infernal powers will need to succeed in a contested Mental Challenge against the Sorcerer. If the infernalist wins, the ward is broken. If the Sorcerer wins, the infernalist suffers three levels of lethal damage, and will be physically expelled from the warding sphere. The sphere lasts for the scene or hour unless the Sorcerer decides to end the power sooner.
4 - Nominatim (By Name)
The greatest weapon of war is information. With this power the Sorcerer can discover the name of the demonic patron the infernalist is enslaved to. This name can then be used for other sorcerous powers. 
MET Conversion: The Sorcerer must first have spotted the infernalist through the use of Pervideo, and must have a direct line of sight to the infernalist when invoking this power. The Sorcerer may then engage the target in a Mental Challenge (defender uses Subterfuge to retest). If successful, the Sorcerer may spend Mental traits to discover information with the number of traits spent determining the accuracy of the information received.
○ 1 Mental Trait: The Infernalist's 'Demonic' master's “Nature” will be revealed (Lust, Pride, Greed, etc)
○ 2 Mental Traits: Nature, and Primary Name are revealed (this is the name by which the demon is known)
○ 3 Mental Traits: Nature, Primary Name, and a vague indication of the demon's power are revealed
While the use of this power is not necessarily obvious to the Infernalist, the demonic master is more sensitive to such inquiries. At the ST's option, the master of the Infernalist being subjugated to this power may become aware that it is being looked into, especially if it feels its identity as become compromised. This power can be used only once per lunar month on an infernalist and may only be used on an Infernalist that the Sorcerer has already identified through the use of Pervideo. In the rare case that an Infernalist has investments or powers from multiple demons, Nominatim will reveal information regarding the demon who gave the investment that was last used to identify the Infernalist when the Sorcerer last successfully used Pervideo.
5 - Periurium (Break the Oath)
If a Sorcerer has successfully discovered the name of the infernalist's demonic patron, the Sorcerer can temporarily sever the connection between the infernalist and its master, robbing the infernalist of its investments and demonic power.
MET Conversion: The Sorcerer must spend a Willpower, in addition to the normal activation cost, to invoke this potent ability, as the caster is resisting the connection between both the infernalist and its demonic master. The caster may then enter into a Mental Challenge with the infernalist (who may defend with Subterfuge). If the caster is successful, he may further spend Willpower in order to strip the Infernalist of his investments or powers given by the identified demon, according to the chart below. The infernalist and demonic master are both immediately aware if this power is attempted, successful or not, as the tie between servant and master is too taught for such interference to go unnoticed.
○ 1 Willpower – 1 round
○ 2 Willpower – 1 scene
○ 3 Willpower – 1 hour
○ 4 Willpower – The rest of the night
Date of Archival: 30-Oct-2017
Custom Content Category: Blood Magic: Path
Blood Magic Category: Sadhana
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:

Indra is the king of Svarga (Heaven) and the Devas. He is the god of the heavens, lightning, thunderstorms, rains and river flows. Indra is the most referred to deity in the Rigveda. He is celebrated for his powers, and the one who kills the great symbolic evil (Asura) named Vritra who obstructs human prosperity and happiness. Indra destroys Vritra and his "deceiving forces", and thereby brings rains and the sunshine as the friend of mankind. A Sadhanna practitioner who uses this path is in a way channeling the Divine powers of Indra.

Providence: HYMN LIII. Indra.

5 Let us obtain, O Indra, plenteous wealth and food, with strength exceeding glorious, shining to the sky: May we obtain the Goddess Providence, the strength of heroes, special source of cattle, rich in steeds. 6 These our libations strength-inspiring, Soma draughts, gladdened thee in the fight with Vṛtra, Hero Lord, What time thou slewest for the singer with trimmed grass ten thousand Vṛtras, thou resistless in thy might.

This Hymn calls upon the Goddess Providence which gives Indra his strength and virility to accomplish the deeds that he is known for. The Sadhanna practitioner calls upon a small bit of this power and enhances the caster with the ability to heal faster.

System:  The Character may spend 1 blood a round beyond his generational maximum to heal one level of lethal or bashing damage.


Libations of Soma: HYMN LXIII. Indra

8 O Indra, God who moves round about us, feed us with varied food plenteous as water— Food wherewithal, O Hero, thou bestowest vigour itself to flow to us forever.

It is said that all the Gods drank healthily but none as much as Indra who was renown for his intake of libations. It fortified him in his fights to drink before hand and he accomplished much with the locations flowing through him. Thus this path allows one to drink of the storm which is Indra's strength and fortify your own self from it’s libations.

System:  The character may spend 1 full action to stand in the rain soaking in the water.  After which they may gain 3 blood traits as if they were feeding.  This may be done once a turn.  A Character may not gain more than 10 blood traits a night from this power.


Heaven's Wide Space: HYMN LV. Indra.

1 THROUGH e’en this heaven's wide space and earth have spread them out, nor heaven nor earth may be in greatness Indra's match. Awful and very mighty, causing woe to men, he wets his thunderbolt for sharpness, as a bull. 2 Like as the watery ocean, so doth he receive the rivers spread on all sides in their ample width. He bears him like a bull to drink of Soma juice, and will, as Warrior from of old, be praised for might.

Being the God of the storm, rain, lightning and thunder, Indra was considered the God of the heavens and could command them to bend to his will. Those blessed by Indra are able to channel some of that power and bend an area of the heavens to their will.

System:  Spend 1 blood and call upon a rainstorm.  The time for the storm to gather is 5 minutes but may be decreased by 1 minute per social trait spent at the time of casting. (Max 5). Those caught in the storm are down two traits in all challenges related to eyesight. The storm is limited in size to a City Block or The Scene. Anything within the range of the storm is to be considered to be within line of sight.

Hawk's Flight: HYMN LXXX. Indra

2 The mighty flowing Soma-draught, brought by the Hawk, hath gladdened thee, That in thy strength, O Thunderer, thou hast struck down Vṛtra from the floods, lauding thine own imperial sway. 3 Go forward, meet the foe, be bold; thy bolt of thunder is not checked. Manliness, Indra, is thy might: stay Vṛtra, make the waters thine, lauding thine own imperial sway.

Being the God of the heavens and thus the storm allowed Indra to travel within them as he transverses across the realms. Hawk's Flight allows you to channel this power that you have been blessed with by Indra and fly through the storm.

System: The caster may move like they are part of the storm. You may fly through the storm as if it was natural up to 45 miles per hour. As long as you stay within the storm you can fly continuously with no more expenditure than the original Willpower to take off. You can carry yourself and up to 200 pounds more and must concentrate to take off. Once outside the storm you will start to lose velocity and descend to the ground. 


Cleft in Twain: HYMN XXXII. Indra.

1 I WILL declare the manly deeds of Indra, the first that he achieved, the Thunder-wielder. He slew the Dragon, then disclosed the waters, and cleft the channels of the mountain torrents.
2 He slew the Dragon lying on the mountain: his heavenly bolt of thunder Tvaṣṭar fashioned. Like flowing kine in rapid flow descending the waters glided downward to the ocean.  3 Impetuous as a bull, he chose the Soma and in three sacred beakers drank the juices. Maghavan grasped the thunder for his weapon, and smote to death this firstborn of the dragons. 4 When, Indra, thou hadst slain the dragon's firstborn, and overcome the charms of the enchanters, Then, giving life to Sun and Dawn and Heaven, thou foundest not one foe to stand against thee.

Indra was a fighter with no equal and a hero of the kine who brought the rains and waters to them. In one of his greatest accomplishments. He fought the Dragon and his strikes were so potent they split a mountain in half. Cleft in Twain allows for one to travel the storm in lightning quick movement and even strike your target with the strength of Indra.

System: Those Blessed by Indra, the God of thunder and lightning move like him and fight like him. At a cost of a Willpower you may move like lightning to your target in a physical strike. Dealing 5 aggravated damage as a hammer made of lightning appears in your hands and descends upon your target. This requires a physical challenge against your target retested with occult. Distance is limited to size of storm. Target is limited to line of sight.

Date of Archival: 16-Apr-2019
Custom Content Category: Blood Magic: Path
Blood Magic Category: Assamite Sorcery - Dur-An-Ki
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:

Conversion of the MET Faith and Fire version of Ogham to Assamite Sorcery (Dur-An-KI).

Date of Archival: 01-Aug-2018
Custom Content Category: Blood Magic: Path
Blood Magic Category: Assamite Sorcery - Dur-An-Ki
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:

This path finds it roots in the folklore of moon gods and lunar magic.  A versatile path created by a self-proclaimed Druidic Dur-An-Ki practitioner.


Level One:

"By The Pale Moonlight"

A nimbus of moonlight surrounds the character, enabling them and others close by to see more clearly in even the darkest of conditions.  The aura of light is slightly controllable, meaning it can be dimmed or flared for cosmetic effect, but roughly radiates no more than 20 feet around the character.


Spend a blood.  You now find yourself shrouded in moonlight.  This effect radiates out from you (moving with you).  You now find it easy to see even in the darkest of conditions.  Your allies and you may treat this as a source of lighting similar to Eyes of the Beast, Heightened Senses, or Tongue of the Asp when effected by darkness conditions.  Additionally, you personally gain the ability: "Luminous" which you may use to cancel the "Darkness" re-test.  This power last for a scene or an hour.


Level Two:

“Reach For The Stars”

“If you aim for the stars and miss, you’ll still hit the moon,” is the mantra of this level.  While within their own moonlit shroud, the caster has the ability to blink within it’s range -- surprising enemies and avoiding entrapments.  Aesthetically, this appears as a flickering of the illuminated character as seen when clouds obscure the moon’s light.


Spend a blood at the beginning of the round.   If moonlit by “By The Pale Moonlight” the caster of this path may move to anywhere within the 20 illuminated feet, returning to the original starting point at the end of the round or remaining at their new location at the cost of reactivating “By The Pale Moonlight” the following round.  This does not grant additional actions (and in fact costs an action), however it does grant a “Surprise” retest on the next attack the first time it is used in a scene.  This power only allows one to move to an area illuminated by the previous level of this path and cannot be used to bypass objects such as walls, unless of course there may be a window or doorway in to which your light spills in to.  If the character returns to an area that is now inhabited, they will take one level of aggravated damage and be flung anywhere within the circle at the Storyteller’s discretion.


Level Three:

“Blood Makes Noise”

Long has the phase of the moon been tied to the blood that flows within our veins.  Everything from blood pressure, sleep, and menstrual cycles have direct correlation to the phases of the moon.  Knowing the pact that Luna has made with man, you may now directly control it’s effects on the body.


While radiating Luna’s glow, you may now directly affect the blood that rushes in the veins around you.  By spending a blood and a willpower you may choose to either lessen or increase the blood pressure of those within your aura.  Lessening the pressure will allow faster healing of aggravated damage while raising the pressure will cause wounds to bleed more freely, causing additional bashing damage to those around you.  When activated you may either choose to heal one aggravated wound in your presence or cause an additional level of bashing damage be added on each subsequent attack of the round.  This power relies on the first level “By The Pale Moonlight” to be active and lasts only one round.


Level Four:


Faerie rings.  Druid groves.  Standing stones.  Moon bridges. 

Many cultures, both Earthly and Supernatural have associated the moon with protection of sacred places and the mystical ways that bind them together.  This power allows you to identify, mark, and in some cases even consecrate these monuments to Luna.


Spend a blood point to activate this power to identify a sacred area (or to test if a newly created area is appeasing to Luna).  ST discretion on what may constitute such an area.  Additionally, you may spend a willpower to attune yourself a specific location for one lunar cycle.  Within the Moonglades that you are attuned to, you gain the following benefits:

The Hunter’s Eyes – Within your Moonglade you gain the beneficial effects of Heightened Senses: Sight for free.  Additionally, you may spend willpower to re-test any attempt you make at breaking obfuscate, chimerstry, or other similar effects.

Through the Looking Glass – With the expenditure of a permanent willpower you may step between any Moonglade attuned to you.  This effect takes place at the end of two consecutive rounds (leaving round and arriving round).  You must be personally attuned to each location for this power to work.


Level Five:


“Madness is the gift, that has been given to me.” – Disturbed


Spend three blood and a willpower.  Depending on your Pantheon the visual effects of this power vary, but all have similar overlying themes, a large, mythical creature whose aura radiates moonlight.  Whether it be the Huntress form of Diana, one of the mythical Loup Garou, or Heng’e Celestial Form, the effects granted by this power are more-or-less the same.  You gain Two Bonus Physical Traits (Fierce and Energetic), the Merit: Huge Size, and the Merit: Lucky for the remainder of the scene, at the end of which the player finds themselves suffering from the Negative Physical Trait: Frail x3 and the Derangement: Schizophrenia for the remainder of the night.  This power may only be used once per game.

Date of Archival: 26-May-2017
Custom Content Category: Blood Magic: Path
Blood Magic Category: Thaumaturgy - Hermetic
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:

Level 1 – Code Hack: With the new world out there kindred need to be ready for it with more skilled hackers and code hackers

System: With the cost of 1 temporary willpower trait per, and 10 minutes of looking over the source code the caster is able to fix all bugs within the code or completely change the source code as he sees fit. Giving a +1 mental trait per willpower spent in this way that last for the scene or one hour of usage.


Level 2 – Photo Shop: By getting the source of a picture either from the device or the web, the

User is able to modify the picture as they see fit and be able to figure out it was modified. It magically makes you think it was always like that.

System: This cost 1 temporary mental trait and 1 blood with 10 minutes of looking over the device or picture to figure out how to modify it. When directed towards a biological subject, the caster can make physical changes akin to the disguise ability that are viewed as real to the naked or trained eye. Only magic can discern the disguise.  Only magic can be discerned the disguise via thaumaturgical sight.


Level 3 – Trace and Logs: With a week’s worth of scanning and detailed searching, the User can trace any usage of an electronic device for three days of logs starting from that start of the scanning and ending on the 3rd day. This power will cost 1 blood to trace, a mental trait for each day of logging information.

System: By smearing a point of blood on computerized device and spending a temporary mental trait for each day of tracking, the blood can either trace the compiled data or function as

a script and log all information on the device for up to 3 days.


Level 4 – Minor Bio-AI: By combining a cognizant construct, made through the use of Biothaum and basic computer components, the thaumaturge is able to construct a Minor Biological Artificial Intelligence. Construction of the Minor AI takes 1 month, 3 weeks for the cognizant construct and 1 week for wiring, but only remains functioning for 1 week per mental trait spent at construction.

System: With this ability the User is able to send some of their intelligence into an electronic device with a limited intelligence equal to the Users Mental traits + computer skill (max of 5) that will last 1 week for each temporary mental trait spent at its creation. The Minor Bio-AI is able to perform the first three levels of bio-hacking on its own without the cost of blood, electronic versions only. All other costs still apply and its retests are equal to half that of the creators rounded up. 


Level 5 – Major Bio-AI: With the understanding of the Minor AI, by combining a cognizant construct, made through the use of Biothaum and high-end computer components, the thaumaturge is able to construct a Major Biological Artificial Intelligence. Construction of the Major AI takes 6 weeks, 3 weeks for the cognizant construct and 3 week for wiring. The Major AI functions for 1 month per mental trait spent at construction or permanently for the cost of 1 permanent mental trait.  With this more advanced version it gains the following abilities:  It gains a number of health/firewall lvls equal to the number of security levels of the caster, minimum of 1.  This health/firewall lvls are destroyed with each successful cyber hack on the device which burns out a portion of the construct lvls that cannot be healed at all, and once all health/firewall lvls are gone the construct is burnt out and will not work again.  All components are destroyed.  As a note this construct is immune to technomancy due to its biological majority parts.   


Example:  A 10th gen vampire has 12 max mental traits + 5 computer abilities + 5 Security abilities.  That would make a 17 mental trait hacking construct with 5 health/firewall lvls of security.  It also gets the number of computer retest equal to the maker of the construct to be used in its automated ordeals.  

Date of Archival: 20-Aug-2017
Custom Content Category: Blood Magic: Path
Blood Magic Category: Thaumaturgy - Hermetic
XP Cost: 0XP
MET Mechanics:


Based on the idea that Technomancy was not sufficient to the information control and manipulation purposes of Clan Tremere, this path was created by Rosamonde Kurlein with the input and assistance of Elliot Maxwell and other Tremere in Northern California.  Unlike Technomancy, which focuses on technological devices, Data Manipulation is focused instead on the detection and manipulation of the data itself.

Data Manipulation uses the Computers Ability for retests, rather than the Occult Ability.


Basic Data Manipulation

Data Perception

With this power you can perceive electronic data, both on devices and in transmission, allowing you to detect even the most basic or passive of electronic devices and even potentially read electronic data in transmission.

You may activate this power at will and automatically detect active electronic devices, and perceive active transmission of electronic data (including wireless transmission) as a hazy overlay on the material world.  If you wish to read or comprehend electronic data in transmission, you must spend a Mental Trait; you may then perceive any form of electronic data in transmission clearly, and comprehend the data being transmitted.  Reading electronic data being transmitted requires line of sight on some portion of the transmission’s path.  Data Perception is not able to make securely encrypted data clear and comprehensible, although at Storyteller discretion some information may still be discerned



With this power you can understand and communicate with electronic devices.

Spending a Willpower Trait activates this power for the remainder of the scene.  As long as the power is active, you may comprehend and transmit electronic data, magically sending and receiving communications with any electronic device you are able to perceive regardless of whether the device normally includes any form of wireless communication.

Although you may use Communication to communicate with and transmit data to electronic devices, Communication does not inherently allow you to bypass security features such as secure encryption or requirements for passwords, thus preventing many forms of remote device operation, although it may be possible to operate some unsecured devices remotely at Storyteller discretion.

Practitioners may use Communication for a wide range of applications, ranging from placing cellular telephone calls and operating remote control cars, to reading unprotected computer files from across the room, however Communication does not allow a practitioner to simultaneously communicate with multiple devices.


Intermediate Data Manipulation

Control Data

With this level of mastery, security measures no longer thwart the practitioner, and you are able to not only magically manipulate data, such as breaking secure encryption, bypassing security features, or re-writing data on an electronic device, but even activate inactive electronic devices.

To utilize this power, you must interface with the active device with Communication and spend a Willpower Trait.  Once the power is invoked, spend Mental Traits (number determined by Storyteller) to bypass secure encryption, alter/rewrite data on the electronic device, or bypass passwords and other electronic security.  The details of these manipulations, and any further challenges required are left to the Storyteller, but let common sense be your guide.

To activate or power an inactive electronic device, you must have line of sight on the device and spend a Willpower Trait.  For electronic devices connected normally to a power source, this will cause the device to activate and draw power normally from the connected power source, but an electronic device not connected to a power source normally will remain active for a number of turns equal to your Data Manipulation score.



With this level of mastery, you can utterly erase all data on an electronic device, cut the power to an active electronic device, and even physically destroy some types of small electronic devices and storage media by generating bursts of electromagnetic energy.

Spend a Mental Trait, and make a Static Mental Challenge against any single device that you are aware of in the scene.  Cell phones or portable storage media have one Trait, normal household electronics or desktop computers typically have three Traits, while servers or more resistant devices may have nine or more Traits.  Electronic devices with exceptional protection against electromagnetic interference or surges, such as hospital or military servers, gain an additional three Traits for defense.  Success allows the practitioner to either disable the targeted electronic device by cutting all power to and from it, or to erase all data (including operating system, if applicable), or to generate a power surge that destroys small electronics and storage media.

Shutdown can destroy only data storage (tapes, discs, drives, CDs, etc.) and electronic devices with three or fewer Traits.  Attempts to destroy larger devices may at Storyteller discretion cause the larger device to suffer damage, with damaged devices ceasing to function, and becoming unusable until repaired.


Advanced Data Manipulation


As a master of Data Manipulation, some lower levels of this path become easier or more effective.  Expenditures are no longer required to utilize Data Perception or Communication.  Electronic devices not connected to power sources can now be activated with Control Data for a number of turns equal to twice the practitioner’s Data Manipulation score.  Pulse also allows you to produce an effect similar to that of Shutdown, but affecting all electronic devices in an area simultaneously.

To activate Pulse, spend a Willpower Trait and make a Static Mental Challenge (against the number of Traits it would take to affect the single most resistant device in range with Shutdown), to simultaneously affect all electronic devices within your vicinity, up to a range of 10 times your permanent Willpower in yards, causing all electronic devices within that range to abruptly become non-functional for the remainder of the scene.  Spend an additional Willpower Trait each at the time of this challenge to also cause total data erasure, or the destruction of storage media and small electronics, as if all of the devices within range were affected by the functions of Shutdown causing these effects.

You may not exempt or exclude any devices within range from Pulse, and even devices on your person or of which you are not aware, are affected if they are within the range of the effect.

Date of Archival: 03-May-2017