Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Sheboygan, WI - USA, Blood on the Lake

Proposal Name Closing Date Opening Date CM Votesort ascending
Removal of Character bylaw Section 8, sub section E 25-Aug-2010 25-Aug-2010 No vote submitted
2/3 vote for Permanent OWBN Bans 25-Aug-2010 25-Aug-2010 No vote submitted
Proposal: Raising the Bar - Tremere Lords 01-Aug-2010 01-Aug-2010 No vote submitted
Change to R&U Coordinator Responsibility (Ba'ali) 20-Jul-2010 27-Jul-2010 No vote submitted
Rarity Change to Udja-Sen 27-Aug-2010 27-Aug-2010 No vote submitted
Change to Coordinator Bylaw 3.D 20-Sep-2011 13-Sep-2011 No vote submitted
Use of The Lance of St. George 'The DragonSlayer" [autopass; general consensus] 21-Jul-2011 21-Jul-2011 No vote submitted
KJ Territory Claim [autopass] 23-Nov-2011 22-Nov-2011 No vote submitted
[Special Election] Ventrue Coordinator 2011 11-Nov-2011 04-Nov-2011 No vote submitted
[PROPOSAL] Territory Claim Request for the Ventrue Coordinator [AUTOPASS] 09-Oct-2012 08-Oct-2012 No vote submitted