Custom Fallen Rituals

Some chronicles allow for their players to develop customized powers for their characters. The following is a compilation of player created custom content in OWBN. At this time, custom content that is created and/or used by vampire PC's is required to be listed.

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Custom Content Category: Fallen Rituals
XP Cost: 6XP
MET Mechanics:

Hand of the Watcher

To facilitate meetings in dangerous locations or with unpredictable alliances, this ritual was created to channel the demon's senses through an animate construct of light. By mixing the Lore of the Firmament with the Lore of Light, a demon can project their interactions with others across vast distances.

Primary Lore: Light 4

Secondary Lore: Firmament 2

Base Cost: 6

Restrictions: The ritual sigil must be contained within a boundary of inward-facing mirrors, with no open seams between them.

Minimum Casting Time: 36 minutes

System: The demon creates an illusionary image as per the Lore of Light: 4, except that they then may view the illusion as per the Lore of the Firmament: 2, and may control the illusion as if it were in their presence.

        Torment: The illusion is unstable, causing it to lash out randomly at nearby sentient targets. The potential of the illusion to do this is not immediately recognizable, and a victim defeated in a contested Mental vs Physical challenge by the illusion using the demons' traits becomes disoriented for the remainder of the round, suffering a 2 trait penalty to all actions during that time.

        Variations: By increasing both the Lore of the Firmament and Lore of Light requirements to 5 each, the illusion created is treated as if it were created with the Lore of Light 5, except the demon may now use its Lores through the illusion as if the illusionary form were the demon's own body.

Date of Archival: 29-Oct-2018