Chronicle House Rules, Disciplinary Policies, and Other Documents

Local House Rules and Disciplinary Policies must be made available on the OWbN website which will be submitted via their Chronicle Information Form.

The version on the website is considered the current, official rules of the chronicle.

It is the responsibility of the chronicle staff to submit updates or revisions to their House Rules via the Chronicle Information Form.

Chronicle name contains...
Chroniclesort descending Chronicle Documents
Fargo, ND - USA, Within Shadow's Reach House Rules - Link to Resource
New Player Packet - Link to Resource
Flagstaff, AZ - USA, Grand Canyon Caern House Rules - Living House Rules
Florianópolis, SC: Igni et Moriaris House Rules - Link to Resource
Fort Myers, FL - USA, Midnight Siege House Rules - House Rules
Disciplinary Policy - Disciplinary Policy
Fortaleza, CE - Brazil, Land of The Sun House Rules - House Rules
House Rules - 202009 - Fortaleza - House Rules.pdf
Frederick, MD - USA, Baltimore Imbued: The Charmed Hunt House Rules - Link to Resource
Fredericksburg, VA - USA, Caine's Chosen: Liberty in Death House Rules - CCLID House Rules - Final Draft.pdf
House Rules - House Rules
Gainesville, FL - USA, Won't Back Down House Rules - House Rules (with Disciplinary Policy)
New Player Packet - Caitiff Creation Kit
New Player Packet - Gargoyle Creation Kit
Character Creation Rules - Character Creation Rules
Gary, IN - USA, Shattered Souls Facebook Group - Gary By Night
House Rules - Gary by Night: Wiki
House Rules - Garou House Rules.pdf
House Rules - Gifts.pdf
House Rules - Gary by Night Website
Crafting Guide - Crafting Systems.pdf
Gimli, MB - Canada, Sang Nordique Downtimes House Rules - Player Action House Rules.pdf
Disciplinary Policy - Administrative Rules March 7 2015.pdf
House Rules - Sang Nordique House Rules June 2019.pdf
Grafton, MA - USA, Dark Chronicles New Hampshire House Rules - House Rules and Mechanics
Guaratinguetá, SP: A Drink in Hell House Rules - Link to Resource
Gulf Breeze, FL: Blood and Hurricanes House Rules - Link to Resource
Guttenburg, IA - USA, Descendants, Defiance, Domination House Rules - 3D House Rules Compilation.pdf
Hartford, CT - USA, Dark Colony House Rules - Link to Resource
Disciplinary Policy - Link to Resource
Hartford, CT - USA, Dark Colony: New Haven - Bad Moon Rising House Rules - House Rules
Hartford, CT - USA, Dogs of War House Rules - Changing Breeds House Rules
Indianapolis, IN - USA, Past is Prologue Disciplinary Policy - Disciplinary Policy.doc
House Rules - Link to Resource
Indianapolis, IN - USA, Stars Never Rise End Game Statement - End Game Statement
Iowa City, IA - USA, Fields of Rage House Rules - Link to Resource
Iowa City, IA - USA, L'Ange Noir House Rules - Link to Resource
Jerusalem - Israel, Last Crusade House Rules - Link to Resource
Joinville, SC: Um Novo Anoitecer House Rules - Link to Resource
João Pessoa, PB - Brazil, Eternal Shadows Disciplinary Policy - Disciplinary Policy
House Rules - House Rules
Kenosha, WI - USA, Memento Mori Disciplinary Policy - -Kenosha Charter & Waiver 5-1-04.doc
La Crosse, WI - USA, The Rivers Edge Discord Link - Discord Link
La Crosse, WI - USA, Visions of Blood House Rules - Link to Resource
Lakeland, FL - USA, Lagos de los Muertos Disciplinary Policy - In the HRs
House Rules - Link to Resource
Lancaster, OH - USA, Mountains Dark Heart Charter - MDH Charter.doc
House Rules - MDH House Rules.doc
Lancaster, OH - USA, Never Ending Nights House Rules - NEN-House-Rules-2019.pdf
Charter - NEN Charter.pdf