Council Voting History

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Council voting history for Vale do Itajaí, SC - Brazil, Fear of the Dark

Proposal Namesort descending Closing Date Opening Date CM Vote
[Special Election] Demon Coordinator 15-Jul-2019 08-Jul-2019 No vote submitted
[Special Election] Follower of Set Coordinator 2011 14-Oct-2011 07-Oct-2011 No vote submitted
[SPECIAL ELECTION] Interim Changing Breeds Coordinator 29-Oct-2017 20-Oct-2017 No vote submitted
[Special Election] Salubri Coordinator 15-Sep-2020 08-Sep-2020 No vote submitted
[Special Election] Toreador Coordinator 2011 02-Aug-2011 26-Jul-2011 No vote submitted
[Special Election] Ventrue Coordinator 28-Jul-2019 21-Jul-2019 Blind vote in progress
[Special Election] Ventrue Coordinator 2011 11-Nov-2011 04-Nov-2011 No vote submitted
​[R&U BYLAW AMENDMENT]​[Amendment]Ravnos Rarities and Combos 22-Aug-2014 22-Aug-2014 No vote submitted