Rio Grande, RS - Brazil, Sobre a Areia Sempre Hostil

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Not Probationary
Not Satellite Chronicle
Parent Chronicle (If Satellite): Rio Grande, RS - Brazil, Sobre a Areia Sempre Hostil

Genre(s): Anarch, Camarilla, Changing Breeds, Giovanni, Sabbat

Number of Players: 30-39 players

Additional Information: The Sabbat game occurs in towns that are part of the house, but away from the main town of the chronicle. Using the cities of Livramento and Uruguaiana.


Head Storyteller: Lisiane de Pinho Coutinho -

Council Member: Eduardo Costa Ribeiro -

This chronicle information form was last updated on 06-Mar-2021

Game Sessions

Random Week

Genre: Camarilla, Sabbat, Giovanni

Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
Shopping Center Figueiras
Rua Aquidaban
96200-000 Rio Grande , RS
32° 1' 55.3152" S, 52° 6' 8.4636" W
Rio Grande do Sul BR

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