Fort Myers, FL - USA, Midnight Siege

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Not Probationary
Satellite Chronicle
Parent Chronicle (If Satellite): Bradenton, FL - USA, Chaos & Entropy

Genre(s): Sabbat

Number of Players: 0-9 players

Additional Information: Parent Chronicle HST: Chris Lohn

Website: No Website Listed

Head Storyteller: David Hoffman -

Council Member: Chris Lohn -

This chronicle information form was last updated on 03-May-2019

Game Sessions

5th Friday

Genre: Sabbat
Check-In Starts:
Game Start Time:

Game Site Information

Game Site Address:
John and Grace Allen Building
12100 Leroy Collins Blvd
Tampa , FL
United States
Florida US
Additional Notes:
12100 Leroy Collins Blvd Tampa, FL 33620 email or if you need help finding us.


Chronicle Resource Type Resource File
House Rules, Disciplinary Policy, Crafting Guide PDF icon Bradenton House Rules - current.pdf