[Proposal][Amendment] Character Bylaws 10.E.ii and 10.F.i "Incarna spirits"

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 23-Mar-2018 11:55PM EDT
Closing: 30-Mar-2018 11:55PM EDT

As CM of Chicago: New Moon Rising, I propose the following Bylaw Addenda to Character Bylaws 10.E.ii and 10.F.i

This Proposal will add the following bylaws.

Character Regulation Bylaws

10. Controlled Items

     E. General Controlled Items

          ii. Canonical Unique Characters - PC: Majority Vote - NPC: Majority Vote - Coordinator: Varies

               1. All characters published by White Wolf

               2. This does not apply to Incarna Spirits which are regulated further in character bylaw 10.F.i.

     F. Changing Breeds Controlled Items

          i. Creature Types

               16.  Incarna Spirits -  PC: Disallowed – NPC: Coordinator Approval – Coordinator: Varies
                     a.  Defined as spirits whom are the pinnacle of their brood or chain.  Spirits whom only have underlings and have no superior within their brood or chain.

                          i. This list is not meant to be exclusive, but to give some examples of the spirits which qualify.  Most spirits not listed will fall under the Changing Breeds Coordinator, but not all.   Due to approval being needed regardless of genre, contact the Changing Breeds Coordinator to determine whose specific approval might be nessecary.

                               a. Rulers of the known 13 Near Umbra Realms - Changing Breeds Coordinator
                               b. Tribal Incarna - Changing Breeds Coordinator
                               c. Aspect Incarna - Changing Breeds Coordinator
                               d. Fera Incarna (those fera whom do not have tribes or aspects) - Changing Breeds Coordinator
                               e. Planetary Incarna - Changing Breeds Coordinator
                               f. The Machine Messiah - Changing Breeds Coordinator.
                               g. "Wrinkle" - Mage Coordinator
                               h. Kupala - Tzimisce coordinator
                               i. Tlaloc - Tzimisce coordinator
                               j. Svarogic - Tzimisce Coordinator
                               k. Veles - Tzimisce Coordinator
                               l. Dazhbog - Tzimisce Coordinator


These spirits are unique characters in White Wolf canon and while they were intended to be covered under the Coordinator Bylaw 3.B.2.a  I am proposing this section be added to the Character Bylaws for further clarity and understanding.  While they have many faces, servants and lesser spirits who may “identify” as the one true Incarna, an OOC Separation needs to be made that characters are not associating with the “one true Incarna” unless they are working with the Changing Breed Coordinator's office.   While it does remove some mystery out of the story and makes things a little more complicated, this has been an ongoing issue for several years which has finally reached a point where it needs to be formally addressed.

Without oversight, situations have arisen where multiple PC's from different regions/games can claim that they have spoken to the same "Grand" Incarna but both parties have received different and conflicting information. Given that these spirits can vastly alter core elements of the Changing Breeds genre, we believe these Grand spirits should remain in the oversight of the Coordinator. 

Spirits are meant to be fickle, selfish, horrible, and amazing beings but PCs can and do have the power to actually go and speak to the one “True” spirit.   CNMR believes that not only should these interactions be logged, their message should be consistent to maintain the Genre of those Spirits. The only way to keep the message consistent is to keep it in the control of the Coordinator.

This is not intended to say that PCs should be unable to interact with lesser avatars of the Grand spirit in question or that lesser spirits cannot be messengers. This is to assure that PCs are not obtaining contradicting information or information contrary to the established genre. 

Additionally, these spirits are being added by name for these reasons:

a.  Rulers of the Known 13 Umbra Realms: these Incarna are rulers of their realms are unique and can not leave their realms. 

Characters should not be interacting with them lightly and when they do and how they interact with these rulers should be monitored for consistency.

b. Tribal Incarna

These spirits have already been discussed above.

c. Plantetary Incarna

These incarna are alien and powerful and should not be getting involved in day to day affairs of anyone regardless of Genre.   All shifters, may seek them out, but all too frequently, games are avoiding the Territory rules of the Aetherial Realm by summoning these spirits directly to their game, shifting the act of parley to their world instead of ascending to the realm in which they reside.

By genre, we believe this is insulting to these Incarna and circumvents the spirit of the territory issue

Furthermore, interaction with these spirits should be monitored.

d. the Machine Messiah

The Machine Messiah is reported as one of the most powerful spirits known to exist who isn’t a Planetary Incarna.  This spirit is on par, or theoretically even more powerful than the Tribal Incarna.   Any Genre should straight up fear interacting with this spirit let alone various games using it for #whatever.

To conclude, these are very powerful and noteworthy spirits.   When they speak, most of these spirits have the power to give and take life or reshape aspects of Gaia to suit their personal whims.   They should not be taken as casually as they have been over the years, let alone be in a situation where multiple games are using them giving information that conflicts with established genre, without the CBC’s involvement or consent.

Every single one of these spirits actively shape CBC Genre in their wake and their words, actions, and interactions have genre effecting consequences that should be solely guided and overseen by the Coordinator. We believe they should be available to be used by local Storytellers but only with the CBC's consent.




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