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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 15-Nov-2016 8:00PM EST
Closing: 22-Nov-2016 8:00PM EST

Sorry been on the road lately, and unable to correct this till now. Hope this corrects the errors from before. Here is a amendment to replace the original prop and mistakes from before and includes no Grandfathering. 
I Jesse Grint, do here by propose the following addition to the bylaws for section 10.h.ii 
Also known as controlled items under the demon office creature types section. 
7. Angels PC: Disallowed NPC Coordinator approval 
   a. Angels are to be defined as Time of judgement based angels from heaven. 
It has come up more then a few times over the years. That some games have used angels to bypass the investment rules in the infernalism packet. There  at least one Angel, not fallen but angel pc in the org. As such some things should be restricted, and the Demon office having the closest ties to most of the canon source material should be the one to have over site. 
To be clear this is covering angels from time of judgement and not the celestial spirit type angels more commonly associated and used for mage genre, and other such uses. 
Grandfathering: None. All pcs will be moved to npc status pending approval from the demon office. Each npc in play with chronicles will be reviewed in 30 days of this prop passing. 
As this is a prop from a CM it requires a second. 
-Jesse Grint

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