[Proposal][Autopass] R&U Bylaw modification to 3.G.1.i.e Blessed Merit

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 24-Jun-2015 11:55PM EDT
Closing: 01-Jul-2015 11:55PM EDT

I, Nicholas Lambaunas, Assistant Head Coordinator of One World By Night propose the following change to R&U Bylaw 3.G.1.i.e Blessed Merit. As a member of the Exec Team, this prop will have the ability to autopass, unless objected to. 
3.G.i.1.e Blessed Merit (as per Sins of the Blood pg 102)
Reason : There is also a Blessed merit from Libellus Sanguinus 4 p. 112.  The Merit from Sins of the Blood makes the character immune to Dark Thaum and the Merit from Libellus Sanguinus gives you faux-majesty to your flock of mortals.  The latter, in my opinion, has no need to be controlled and the intent of the proposal was to control the former.  - LA and Mark
As Current:
  1. Blessed Merit
    1. This Merit is governed by the Demon Coordinator and requires Demon Coordinator Approval
    2. Sabbat members of the Inquisition or the Order of St. Blaise must acquire Sabbat Coordinator approval for this merit.

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