[Bylaw Amendment] Addition to the Administrative Bylaws under §6.B.i (Scope of Disciplinary Actions)

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 05-Aug-2014 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 12-Aug-2014 12:00AM EDT

One of the most common things that gets said during a disciplinary vote is "doing X doesn't violate the bylaws."  And at a day or two of each DA's discussion period seems to be dedicated to arguing about and reiterating that council can issue a disciplinary action without a bylaw violation.  Since this fact always seems to be questioned and debated, I think it behooves us to set the record straight, one way or another.  Since accountability is becoming more and more of an issue, having clear guidelines on this matter seems imperative.

Therefore, I propose that one of the following be added to the Administrative Bylaws under §6.B.i


A disciplinary proposal explicitly does not require that a formal bylaw has been violated by the accused member.  Council may utilize the disciplinary procedures to issue disciplinary action any time it feels the shared values of the community have been violated in some way.


A disciplinary proposal explicitly requires that a formal bylaw has been violated by the accused member.  Council may not issue disciplinary action for actions that do not violate the bylaws.  Any exception proposal to this bylaw must be made prior to and separately from a disciplinary action and requires a 2/3 majority vote.


Option C:
Reject all aforementioned changes to the bylaws.


On an informal note, I much prefer option A, but for the sake of clarity and to give people the option to direct where they want the org to go, I included option B.  One way or another, we need clear direction on this.


Proposal submitted by: Jason Place, CM for Hidden Flames / Tides of Power.

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