[Proposal] Addition of Unembracing/Clan-Changing to R&U Bylaws

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 14-Sep-2012 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 20-Sep-2012 11:58PM EDT

Good morning Council,

Pursuant to Administrative Bylaw 3.A.i, I, Jeff Cauley, CM for Baltimore by Night: Dark Harbor propose the following items be added to the OWbN R&U Bylaws under the Rare category, making PCs require a Majority Vote while NPCs would require Council Notification and Logged with Archivist.  Grandfathering of any existing cases will be allowed.

R&U Bylaw C.1:  Rare: Vampires changing Clan/Bloodline*, Vampires becoming Human*

R&U Bylaw F. Vampire, Clan-Specific, and Ghoul Groupings:

xxiii.  Vampires changing Clan/Bloodline

1.      Any non-Kuei-Jin vampire who, through whatever means, changes their Clan.

a.       The following exceptions are allowed: characters inhabiting another body for 1 month or less, Baali Apostates/Converts, Setite Apostates, Children of Osiris, anyone who is adopted by  another Clan but does not actually alter their own Clan/Bloodline and those infiltrating another Clan/Bloodline but still retain their original Clan/Bloodline.

b.      Characters that change Clan/Bloodline to a Clan/Bloodline that have additional R&U restrictions must follow the approval process for the new Clan/Bloodline as well.

xiv. Vampires becoming Human

1. Any non-Kuei-Jin vampire who, through whatever means, reverts to being a human.   

a.  Vampire Characters may become human or ghoul temporarily for up to 1 month without being restricted by this bylaw.   Characters may not be embraced or change to any other supernatural creature other than Ghoul during this time.

b.  Vampire Characters turned mortal via the Infernal Investment "Rejuvenation" are exempt and follow the guidelines of said Investment.


~ Jeff Cauley

Archivist Coordinator #2
Web Team SubCoord
Head Storyteller and Council Member
Baltimore by Night: Dark Harbor

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