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Proposal Type: Genre Packet
Opened: 06-Feb-2012 12:00AM EST
Closing: 12-Feb-2012 11:58PM EST

Description: I, Jason Cook, (jasoncook550@yahoo.com) as Changing Breeds Coordinator, do hereby propose the following under Coordinator Bylaw 3.C.iii:

iii) Genre Coordinators must pass before Council any plot, enforced policy, or binding edict they wish to use which they can reasonably expect to affect multiple chronicles and these proposals need not be seconded, but go immediately into discussion.
If no opposition is voiced during the week of discussion, the proposal is considered passed and enforceable. Once passed these are considered binding to all chronicles and a chronicles refusal to adhere is grounds for OWBN disciplinary measures.

It was objected to by Truman on 3 Feb 2012.
This is the original packet providing expanded information for the players and storytellers of OWBN.
1) After several on and offline discussions I have determined that we will not be adding gifts to the Sun Lodge, but it is in discussion and a review of the other camps in the org is in progress to see if addition of the gifts would be unbalancing on the whole.
2) There is a proposal to follow this one which will ammend the R&U requirements for House Blood Red Crest (Coord Approval),Master of the Seals (Coord approval) and Grey Raptors camps (Council Notify). I can go into reason for each, but will not bore you with the details here.
3) After careful review of the histroy that was provided by Dan, I have decided that it will be disseminated at a future date.
4) As for the documents that were refered to in the Packet that have not be approved, though they are in the works, reference to them has been removed until such a time as the packets are approved thru Council.
5) Added the notes of which house nobles that were Player Characters, to the best knowledge of the CBC office. With assistance from some others, changed who was Grand Duke of House Wyrmfoe and changed the senechal from a player character.

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