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Opened: 29-Dec-2011 12:00AM EST
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First, please know that this is my first prop this go-round on Council so I hope the formatting is correct. Second, please know that I was not on Council when the group propped this previously so I am unaware of that complete dialogue. However, we have discussed previous concerns and made strides to address those concerns in revisions below. If something is unclear or conveys the wrong impression, please respond politely with suggestions and we can work together to pull the prop, update, and repost so the needs of as many players as possible are reflected. Furthermore, this is NOT being propped as a bylaw or binding document. Thanks for your time and input.


Changes from the previous proposal include, but are not limited to:

 ·  (as stated in the bylaws) STs control their own game, no dispute here. STs can't deny what happens in other games in OWBN, but CAN mitigate events and how this plays out in your own game.  

·  Changes that players are all responsible adults and this is not a platform for charging STs for stuff players do, rather the opposite an encouraging accountability for oneself.


To that end, I, Kenny Lull (mr.fantasia@gmail.com), CM for Quoth the Raven, of Baltimore, Maryland propose the following:

What follows is to be a separate document which will be placed at the head
of the Bylaw documents as a driving template and set of guidelines for
any revisions, restructuring, and implementations which may follow within the
organization, as is being discussed and as has been discussed with
increasing regularity.  When a new bylaw, restriction, or proposal of
any sort is considered, it is this document that should be consulted
first, so as to ensure that the spirit of OWbN is adhered to and the
move represents the best interests of One World by Night at large.

The working group that put this document together believes that One
World by Night is an Organization without direction. There are two
basic philosophies that have been observed, one in support of a Shared
Universe where story can and should flow from game to game. The other
is the idea that One World by Night should be a Federation of Games
with portable characters where the OWBN global story provides the back
drop. Neither of these ideas are invalid, although they are mutually
exclusive and ten years of edits to the By-laws without a focus
has created a confusing mess of By-Laws and significant tension
between games. This document provides the ideas and frame work needed
to set the direction of One World by Night towards a Shared Universe.

The placement of this document is to be on the website in the By-Laws
section labeled as the Charter and placed before the By-Laws. This
document does not supersede the existing By-Laws.
This document does represent a change of direction for the
Organization. Thus, I am happy to adjust the text of this
document to ensure that it works better in support of the philosophy
of the document. Please express your objections in a civil manner and recommend the
changes that you think should be made.

From the Document…

The OWbN charter is an explanation of the purpose of the Organization.
Although this document is not binding or enforceable in itself,
it represents the spirit of the By-Laws, the purpose of the
Organization and the mechanism for the group of international games
cooperating in a shared universe. This Charter is the filter through
which any rule of the Organization is to be considered.




One World by Night (OWbN) is a network of international Live Action Role Play (LARP) chronicles, brought together for the purpose of enjoying a shared in-game universe. Participants believe in the sovereignty of  each Chronicle, so far as it does not impugn upon the cohesiveness of the organization as a whole, and further agree that treating each Chronicle—and by extension each Player—with respect is the bedrock upon  which sound, cooperative Storytelling takes place.


Global Story


OWbN exists to provide a global story in which its member Chronicles coexist.  Upon this global stage, each Chronicle represents actors contributing a piece of the whole shared universe. Things that occur at the Chronicle level have the ability to impact this shared universe and thus, the global story, just as things that occur on a larger scale in the shared universe can impact the Chronicle.  To facilitate this, OWbN has Coordinators whose task is to work with Storytellers to ensure plots and events occurring at various levels are conducive to the overall global story and its continuity.


Chronicle Sovereignty


A key element of OWbN is that each chronicle is a sovereign entity within the organization. This sovereignty grants the chronicle certain rights; namely the creation of house rules, the ability to disallow Players, Characters or items and the right of the Chronicle to leave OWbN at its pleasure. This sovereignty is limited in that the chronicle may not have house rules more permissive than OWbN’s Bylaws and binding  packets; the chronicle may not prohibit valid in-character information from coming into their chronicle; the chronicle may not completely ignore story or plot originating from other chronicles; and chronicles may not “redline” events that happened in other Chronicles.


Accepting the Consequences


In the spirit of the game the Players accept a certain level of risk for their Character upon entering play. By signing in Players agree they have read and understand the house rules of the Chronicle they are attending and that they agree to the Storytellers’ final decisions within that Chronicle. It is the Player's responsibility to inform their Storytellers of changes to their Character occurring at another Chronicle or the Player’s home Chronicle.




All Players have the responsibility to portray Characters that adhere to the shared universe presented by OWbN. Thus, the Players are expected, within reason, to know, understand and comply with the rules for the Character they are representing including 1) base rules 2) OWBN-specific genre packets and 3) Chronicle house rules; and not willingly and knowingly violating those same guidelines. Furthermore, the Players are expected to conduct themselves in a civilized manner when participating in OWbN activities including attending game sessions and events, or when communicating on e-mail lists.




Each Chronicle has Storytellers, who fill many roles.  The Storyteller, like a director, creates and guides the story of their Chronicle, mediates disputes amongst local Players, ensures that fairness and balance are always maintained, and bears the responsibility to align their Chronicle with the greater continuity of OWbN.  Storytellers should endeavor to maintain a good working knowledge of the rules, both published and those established in OWbN’s By-laws, as they are the representatives for their Chronicle and are expected to hold their Characters and Players accountable for their actions with respect to OWbN.




OWbN’s collective governing body is known as the OWbN Council, made up of a Council Member from each Chronicle. The Council Member acts as the voice for their Chronicle in matters of voting, and the Council Member must inform their Chronicle of appropriate discussions and votes which may affect the Chronicle. To fully represent their Chronicle, each Council Member is encouraged to cast one vote on behalf of their Chronicle for every vote put before council.


Administrative Coordinators


Administrative Coordinators shall be responsible for the overall governance of OWbN. Their primary focus shall be maintaining all necessary infrastructure (e.g. websites and finances) and relevant archives, while serving as regulators and adjudicators of all populations, powers, and continuity in the shared universe of OWbN. Administrative Coordinators shall also serve as arbitrators when conflicts arise between genre coordinators, Players, Storytellers or a combination thereof. Additional duties include advising chronicles on matters of game mechanics, and integrating new games and genres into the shared universe.


Genre Coordinators


Genre Coordinators shall be advisors with regards to their respective genre, sect or clan. Their primary focus is to serve as an additional resource for Players and Storytellers on mechanics related to their assigned genre.  Additional responsibilities include managing the shared universe of OWbN (e.g. list serves, forums, the portrayal of non-player characters and territories), as well as the overall direction of their genre.


Base Rules


All game mechanics shall be derived from the most recently published White Wolf’s Mind’s Eye Theater Revised or 3rd Edition books, e.g. core rules books and clan books (i.e. not White Wolf novels). Additional source material may be used in part or in whole as approved by Council. Packets may be created only to clarify game mechanics, convert tabletop mechanics, correct print errors & rules omissions, clarify where OWbN has deviated from printed canon, and explain player made mechanics (e.g. paths and combo disciplines).  Packets shall be maintained by their respective genre coordinator.



OWbN’s Bylaws act as the organization’s binding rules detailing its procedures, positions and policies, including rarity restrictions on playable Characters. All Chronicles must operate within the parameters of these rules, and no Chronicle’s house rules may be less restrictive than the OWbN Bylaws.




The OWbN charter is an explanation of the purpose of the Organization. Although this document is not binding or enforceable in itself, it does represent the spirit of the By-Laws and the purpose of the Organization and the mechanism for the group of international games cooperating in a shared universe. This Charter is the filter through which any rule of the Organization is to be considered.

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