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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 30-May-2011 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 30-May-2011 1:00AM EDT

Ok then.

I, Justin McMullen, the CM of Lausanne by Night (Lausanne, Switzerland) hereby propose that the Admissions Coordinator be allowed to refuse any new game application in which Arthur Granja Barboza is a Storyteller without prior consultation to Council.

How this fits to the existing bylaws:
This proposal is an exception to the Administrative bylaw 7 which states:
"C. Probationary Vote
i. The Admissions Coordinator, a Sub-Coordinator, or a duly appointed representative will then submit the Application for a “Probationary Admission’ vote to the OWBN Council for the discussion period and Admission Vote."

In light of recent events and strong support for the idea, I propose that the Admissions Coord office officially have the power to reject any game app coming from Arthur Granja Barboza. Though she is not required to by this prop, she is strongly encouraged to reject future apps without bringing the game app to Council.

Justin McMullen
seconded by Bullseye (Stolen Hours)

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