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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 26-Nov-2001 1:00AM EST
Closing: 03-Dec-2001 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Jen "Loopy" SmithApplicant Email: loopy@pyro.net
Applicant Home Chronicle: Chicago
Support From:
Green Bay


Experience, Administrative:

Rare and Unique Coordinator, 2001 (Feb. 2001 - Nov. 2001): First person to
hold the R&U Coordinator position for OWBN, and helped create the position as
well as establish a solid working foundation for the position in the future.
Toreador Subcoordinator, 2001 (January 2001 - Nov. 2001): Served under Mark
Brantner as Archon Subcoordinator and portrayed the NPC of Chief Archon Ophelia,
then proceeded to serve under Cass Whittington as Assistant Temporary Toreador
Coordinator after Mark resigned.
Narrator and Player Representative: Chicago Dark Requiem: Served as player
representative during Chicago Probation in 2000, and stepped up to assist the
Storyteller Team as the Administration Narrator afterward. Continued until
spring of 2001.

- - - - -

Experience, OWBN:

Currently playing a Malkavian PC, Jessica Kesch, based out of Chicago:
Dark Requiem. Played a variety of NPCs for various Coordinator positions as well
as local member chronicles. Formerly played Toreador PC Phoebe Marx, based out
of Gary: Crown of Thorns and previously based out of Chicago: Dark Requiem.
First played OWBN in 1997 in Chicago, but have been a regular OWBN participant
since August, 1998.

- - - - -

Experience, Other Larp:

Been playing Live-Action Vampire since 1994, beginning in independent
chronicles in the Las Vegas area and moving into Chicago independent chronicles.
Helped found and served as an administrator for a local independent larp, where
I also served on two different storyteller teams, for a total of two years' ST
experience. Still routinely play in local independent games, as well as other
types of live-action and tabletop role-playing games outside of White Wolf
games. Also have experience as an actor and special effects/makeup director in
local theater groups and student productions. Have three years' theatrical
training across high school and college.

- - - - -

Contact Information:

Jen "Loopy" Smith
4832 W. Hull St., #1a
Skokie, IL 60077

Home: 847-933-1876
Cell: 847-287-7441

Email addresses:
Personal: loopy@pyro.net
Vampire PC: MommyMalk@owbn.org
Toreador NPC: ArchonOphelia@owbn.org

- - - - -


Near-constant access to email, with evening access to AIM and ICQ in
addition to standard Internet access. Available in the evenings and via cell for
telephone contact. It is unlikely that I will go a whole day without checking my
email, or at least letting the appropriate persons know that I will not be

Personal Statement:

Greetings to everyone!

For the past 10 months, I've served OWBN as the Rare and Unique Coordinator, and
during this time, I've gotten an excellent foundation in the inner workings of
OWBN's administration as well as a firsthand view of the organization's needs
and how my own talents can compliment those needs. As such, I'm applying for the
position of Toreador Coordinator for One World by Night.

Among many of the growing pains of this past year, One World has seen the
development of the Clan Coordinator out of the Justicar Coordinator position. I
truly believe that this next year will see excellent positive change, with a
group of coordinators assisting One World via global vision for whole Clans,
instead of solely from the perspective of the Justicar's office.

With this in mind, it's my intention to help emphasize the full, rich flavor of
Clan Toreador as a whole. To this end, I intend to offer the players several
out-of-character tools to help them with their own plots involving the Toreador
Guild and how that juxtaposes itself against the non-Guild elements of the Clan.
The Guild, developed by PCs for PCs out of vague and unclear White-Wolf source
material, has been an excellent source of owbn-unique roleplay, and I have no
intention to undo their work nor stomp on the fun it has created, but at the
same time, out of character moderation could be helpful to players and STs

As an example of one way to accomplish this, I intend to appoint a Guild
subcoordinator, one who is *not* responsible for determining and running the
Guild from "on high," but instead one who tracks the ever-changing beast that is
the Toreador Guild, and helps disseminate it's workings to new Toreador players.
This subcoordinator would also assist me in creating a European philosophy for
the Guild, portrayed via low-key NPCs, to represent "the way things have always
been" as a counterpoint. While these NPCs would not come to "enforce the old
ways" upon the PCs, they would be there as a tool to those characters who choose
to seek out the "old world traditions" of Clan Toreador.

To further emphasize the fullness of the Clan, and offer more roleplay
opportunities to those players who are not interested in the Guild, I intend to
deliberately widen the gap between the Guild and the Justicar's Office. No
longer will the Justicar be the center of all that is the Toreador world, and
neither will the Guild hierarchy

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