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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 26-Nov-2001 1:00AM EST
Closing: 03-Dec-2001 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Alex KallendApplicant Email: akallend@lensmoor.org
Applicant Home Chronicle: Chicago
Support From:
San Francisco
Green Bay
Washington DC


I've been gaming for 20 years, starting with D&D, and playing most of the
common games, as well as several uncommon ones. I've played in OWBN since 1999,
playing a Giovanni PC (currently out-of-play) until I became a Chicago

In addition, I've served as the OWBN webmaster for the last year or so. In that
time I've worked closely with Susan to streamline many of our council and
organizational procedures. I've also worked with many storytellers from various
chronicles making sure that changes they requested were handled in a timely
fashion. I've worked with many members of OWBN setting up web accounts,
chronicle listings, and background information.

In terms of organizing and coordinating the actions of many players separated
by thousands of miles, I've operated an online roleplaying game for the last 5
years, which attracts a crowd of 100 or more players nightly. I've also served
under Chris as the Giovanni list moderator for the last half of this year. I'm
a professional computer geek, and have near-constant net-access.

Personal Statement:

Giovanni at Larp:

I believe the Giovanni present an interesting problem within the scope of a
Larp. To be true to the nature of the clan, and its place in the World of
Darkness, Giovanni should rarely appear at an Elysium, or a Camarilla
gathering. However, the Larp environment stresses interaction with the other
players. It's not much fun to be required to remain outside the power-
struggles, and yet, genre requires just this.

To address this, I'd like to see subtle guidance from NPC elders, working with
PC's so that they have goals that don't revolve around manipulating Camarilla
power structure. Creating intraclan conflict should create enough interaction
than interclan manipulation isn't needed. The Giovanni are a fractious group,
regardless of how much as they stress unity to outsiders.

In order to do this, I'd like to see more clan in-fighting. For the last few
years, there has essentially been one major NPC, the head of the North American
family, and a Tremere-ish pyramid of directors spanning out below. I'd like to
increase the number of NPC's, and make it less obvious who reports to who. I'd
like to establish goals for the NPC's, and have them work through the players
to achieve them. This is not going to be regional. I'd like to see issues
between Giovanni PC's within the same city, or neighboring cities, have
different superiors pulling their strings. Rather than see all the Giovanni as
a sort of single-clan coterie, they should be required to put a good show on
for outsiders, while having to work around each other internally.

I'm planning to continue encouraging the Giovanni vs. minor-family feud, and
will appoint a subcoordinator specifically for the minor families. The Milliner
line (out of Boston) is suposed to have as many, if not more, operatives in the
United States than the main Giovanni line - and I'd like to encourage
storytellers to nudge players towards the Milliner line.

NPC's and Subcoords:

I really don't think the Giovanni elders would appoint yet a 4th new American
director within 3 years. It makes them look as if they made mistakes. I know
Mike Velotta (Vito) and Chris Barrs (Luigi) have both offered to sub-coordinate
their respective NPC's, keeping the IC structure as it stands currently.
Additionally, as I stated above, I feel a minor-family subcoordinator would be
appropriate, as well as a cross-over subcoordinator, to work with the wraith
genre. I should note that the point of the NPC's is to provide motivation for
the PC's to take action, not to take action themselves. I do not intend to have
NPC's attending games, with the exception of Vito Giovanni (Mike Velotta's
established NPC) for special events. I would like to have the different NPC's
have goals that they need to have PC's accomplish for them - often conflicting
with the goals of the other NPC's.


I'd like to institute several of the concepts from the new clanbook into the
game. I would like to see the PC's tithing back to Venice. I would like to see
a real attempt made for respectability, and less of the thug-gangster mentality
that seems to be associated with the clan currently. I intend to have a genre
standards document available for review within a month of elections, if I am

Quotes, comments:

Cass Whittington:
You have my support, Alex, and may put my name on your app as a reference. If
you do as well with the Giovanni as you have with being webmaster, OWBN will
never let you step down!!!

Susan Benson:
Alex Kallend has accomplished EVERY task I have ever asked him to, and never
failed in a timely, efficient fixing of the problems or issues involved.If
anyone will go out of his way to REALLY understand what he is working with, and
give 110%, it is Alex.

Alex has demonstrated a mind finely-tuned toward understanding the needs of
owbn and providing fast and reliable solutions to those needs. His work on the
website has been nothing short of utterly phenomenal, and if he can bring that
same organization and dedication to the Giovanni Coordinator position, the
Giovanni will be lucky indeed!

Holly Davis:
SotM has worked with Alex on multiple occasions as web master. All our
interactions with him have been positive and extremely helpful. He has been
inventive, cooperative, and has shown so much dedication and diligence that it
has made working with him not only pleasurable but effortless. It is these
personal characteristics that will help him excel as Giovanni Coordinator. If
you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact the DC ST
staff @ sotm-sts@owbn.org or Holly Davis, DC Council Rep. @


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