Finance Coordinator 2009

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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 01-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST
Closing: 16-Dec-2008 1:00AM EST

Dear OWBN,
I am once more tossing my hat and sanity into the ring to run for
Financial coordinator. I have the following chronicles as support:

Sang Nordique: Gimli Manitob (Home #1)
Obsidian Towers: St.Paul MN (Home #2)
Secundus Surrectum: Phoenix, AZ
Columbus in Darkness: Columbus OH
Blackhawk County by Night's:

Tremere Coord
Sabbat Coord
Mage Coord
Former HC D Scott StewartVentrue Coordinator
Tzimisce Coord

This upcoming year, I hope to revamp the position slightly, to an
operations coordinator. I would like to remove references to money, so
that White wolf has less to work with for law suit material. I would also
like to explore non profit incorperation in Canada, as it protects against
personal assets being siezed in a law suit (I have incorporated a few
other non profit fan groups up here, but that was years ago and costs have
changed). Also we need to have a discussion of donations, as we figure out
costs for the upcomming year. This years report will show a sharp decline
in the accounts as we paid for work on the server, the old server, and
donations were minimal ompared to the number of chronicles we have. The
good news is the new server will be less expensive. So as long as we do
not have any more large coding bills, we should be fine.

I am happy to answer any questions.


OWBN Financial Coordinator
AIM: LeAmberR

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