Coords allowed to propose ressurections for NPCs

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 18-Oct-2001 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 26-Oct-2001 1:00AM EDT

Notes: This amendment is brought forth because I think we have overlooked an aspect that was not included in the original proposal nor the amendments that followed.
It is provided to give the Coordinators a recourse in the event that one of their NPCs die. Especially since these NPCs are viewed as a OWbN resource, and because most Coordinator NPCs are not attached to a chronicle. (Example: Brujah Justicar dying, which happen in OWbN, and was not changed because there was no bylaw to provide for it.) Hence the following amendment.


Proposal: Coordinators and their NPCs:

Any Coordinator who has NPCs attached to their office can bring a proposal to the Council within 30 days, in the event that a NPC of theirs is declared dead by a chronicle at a game, whether a normal game event, conclave, non-conclave, or special event. This proposal must include why the NPC should be resurrected and suggestions on how this could be done.

Once the Coordinator has made such proposal, said NPC is placed in "limbo" (out of play) until the Council can discuss & vote on the matter. The proposal shall follow the OWbN Bylaw on Proposals & Votes.

In the event, for any reason, the Coordinator is unable to make such a proposal, the HC of OWbN may bring forth the proposal as set forth by the previous guideline.

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