2005 Election for Brujah Coordinator

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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 25-Nov-2005 1:00AM EST
Closing: 07-Dec-2005 1:00AM EST

Applicant Name: Janet JamesApplicant Email: jaedraraj@cox.net
Applicant Home Chronicle: NightFalls
Support From:


My name is James, Janet James, and I have been a part of OWBN for ten years or
so now. My home chronicle is and has been Night...Falls for the majority of
that time, though I have had brief stints as a player in Shadows on the Mall
and Westchester by Night. In that time, I have served as Assamite Cord (way
back in the day), as well as a ST and Council Member for Night Falls on
several occasions. I have helped in the organization, set-up and "running" of
every single "non-clave" since the very first one. These days, mostly I play
an assamite.

Personal Statement:

Greetings, larpers.

Yes, it is true, I am running for Brujah Cord. "Why?" You might ask, well,
because I do in fact want the job and think I might have a knack for it.

Now, what can I bring to the table as a Brujah Cord, because that, I suspect,
is what you really want to know. I love the clan, and I know the rules. I
also have not played a Brujah in quite some time, so I am not overly familiar
with the current big name PC's or their alliances and grudges and what not, so
there is no "outside influence" or expectations coming it to the position with
me. I am ready and willing to make the "Brujah Experience" as enjoyable for as
many players as possible, while still being fair and keeping in genre and in
with the spirit of the clan. I have time to devote to being a cord, and I am
willing to hear everyone out. I am also more than up for working with other
cords and ST's to start and resolve plots and situations that may be needed,
or wanted, or taken care of. I really intend to never leave anyone's PC or
game "in the lurch" when cord level input is needed, because I know what an
annoyance it can be. I am all about making the larp experience and world as
rich as possible for all who are involved in it.

I also want to know where the Brujah Players and Chronicle ST's would like to
see the clan go, and am open to listening to their ooc thoughts, ideas and
concerns. The point is "fun" after all. I think this can be achieved whilst
staying in line with what OWBN and WW have set out for us to work with.

Okay, I realize you have several other applications for various things to read
and mull over, so I will stop now. I would appreciate your vote, and think I
might bring a breath of fresh air, a readily available ear to listen, and a
little something extra to the position of Brujah Cord.

Thanks for your time-
Janet James
North VA


Applicant Name: Casey O'Brien
Applicant Email: smokeyJoe@gmail.com
Applicant Home Chronicle: Sacramento
Support From:


Brujah Qualifications-
I have been the West Coast Brujah SubCoordinator under the following Coords:
Carrot Matras
Carmien Owen
Jayson Bright
Trevor Burroughs

Which means I have been on the Brujah Coord team since around 2000. I have seen
the Brujah coord office go through many changes, upheavals, slow periods and
some damn great moments. I have also played a Brujah in OWBN for a period of
two years. So aside from an admin end I am also familiar with the clan from a

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