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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 17-Jun-2001 1:00AM EDT
Closing: 19-Jun-2001 1:00AM EDT

Please remember that not every applicant must be listed here, and that these are the finalists for the position of Assamite Coordinator. The Head Coordinator, by bylaw, accepts all applications, must give Council at least two candidates, but is also the person who must narrow the field. As usual, if Council feels that none of the candidates are appropriate, they may reject all, and the HC must supply them with new choices.
Also, David Hoffman was Becky's personal choice for her replacement.

1). David Hoffman
Contact: MojoJojoST@aol.com
Availability: I check my email several times daily, I can travel the North East/ Mid-atlantic any weekend. Further out
would take a little plannig but is generaly ok.
References: Simon Burman (Toreatect@Yahoo.com)

Background and Qualifications:
I have been playing OWBN for approximately 4 years, approximately 2 1/2 of which I played an Assamite sorcerer
I have also played numerous characters of various clans and sects and have a good understanding the genre in general. Most especially clan Assamite as they are my preferred clan in WoD.
I have also served as Head ST in Hartford for the last year, as well as their council representative. This has given me the staff member's perspective of the OWBN
universe (grim as it is : ) ), and I fully believe I'm up to the task.
For the past several months I have assisted Becky Lehmann
in her role as Assamite coord with advice in the field of
thaumaturgy. As well as support in plot and understanding of the situation for clan Assamite here on the East coast.

My vision of the Assamite coord position:
With the entrance of clan Assamite into the camarilla, the Assamite clan has actualy become, well... playable. I would like to see them become more prominent and playable in OWBN. I do not wish to sacrifice genre', on the contrary I would like to see it brought closer to what is expected, and I intend to work with the other coords to see it done. I do however, feel that this is a game, and those people who undertake the role of Assamite PCs should get to enjoy it.
As a current assistant Assamite coord and former long time Assamite player, I feel that I am qualified to handle the position. I also, believe that the players and Staff of OWBN will be satisfied with my performance.

Thank you,
David Hoffman

2). John Hawthorne
Contact: ace_downtime@yahoo.com
Availability: Via email, I am willing to put in as much time as necessary to fulfill the needs of the position.
To narrow it down to specific numbers would be difficult, as I have never fulfilled an OWbN Coord position, and do not profess to know first hand the volume received. From what I have been told from conversations with Ross Anderson and Mark Brantner, I am more than confident that I would be
found to be a responsive and dedicated Coordinator.
With regards to traveling, I do attend two to three conventions a year, and would be more than willing to travel to games not only in the western United States, but in the midwest and east as well. Having family scattered all about the country in many metropolitan areas makes this easier, as well, but it has long been my intent to travel to visit more games nationally, even internationally.

OWBN and LARPing experience
I have been with OWbN since April of 2000, not including visits to every GenCon game that has been held thus far. I have been serving on the Storytelling board of San Francisco since July of 2000, and as HST since December of 2000. In addition to time spent within the OWbN organization, I have run LARPs of varying sizes and topics for 6 years prior to this, ranging from Vampire to a home
rules Mage system.

-other qualifications
I have had a great deal of tabletop storytelling experience. The tabletop gaming that I have done was not what some call the "hack and slash" style, but centered upon textured, well developed plot and characterization. As a real life qualification, I am a manager of a graphic design team, and have experience in managing disparate creative minds.

-applicant's vision for the position
I have to admit I have been pained by the tension between the Assamite players and the Assamite coordinator as it transpired over the last few months. From an outsiders opinion, and admittedly having heard primarily the players' side of things, I think that the main source of the confusion and dissent was a miscommunication in which no one party was at fault, or even MOSTLY at fault,
but an unfortunate side effect of the email medium. What I want to see out of character level is to bring some peace and teamwork to the players of Assamites, the Coordinator of the Clan, and any storyteller that work with Assamites in any way. If elected, I intend to do this by maintaining
constant communication, learning what the desires of the individual chronicles' Storyteller are, the desires of the Assamite players, and the desires of Council, and attempting to. As an in-character vision for the Clan, I believe that the inherent schism between factions of Clan Assamite leaves some intriguing possibilities for role-playing for both the players of Assamites and the storytellers that run them. Memorial Day weekend, at the gaming convention in San Francisco/Oakland, I had the pleasure of running plots concerning several Assamite players. My intent was to bring to the players the fact that not every Assamite in the world was happily accepting of the change to the Camarilla. Without the need for combat scenes or lengthy periods of RPS, and with the assistance of a wonderful former player as an NPC, I would like to think that I managed to challenge the players in attendance with thoughts of a clan in conflict, in a time of
great change.
As Assamite Coordinator, I would love to help the Storytellers of OWbN foster similar plotlines within their own games, as well as their own unique and creative plans as the Clan applies to their own domains. I understand completely that my view of the Assamites as a clan of struggles both internal and external may not be every Storytellers view, or that struggle might not apply to
their domain in their vision. For these chronicles, indeed for all chronicles, I believe the position of Coordinator exists to help in maintaining consistency and equanimity from game to game, to assure that the vision of OWbN as a whole can be maintained.
Lastly, on a personal level, I want everyone to enjoy themselves in this shared hobby of live-action role-playing. Mind you, people being happy does not in any way mean allowing everyone to have what they want. Ultimately, I want to provide a consistent, reliable and rational voice
for matters concerning the Assamite Clan, one that brings to the players and storytellers of OWbN the benefit of helping them with their individual challenges, and helping to maintain the integrity of OWbN as a whole.

* Ross Anderson, Coordinator, House and Clan Tremere
* Mark "Byrd" Brantner, Coordinator, Clan Toreador
* Jason "Daven" Hill, HST, Oakland's "Wasting the Dawn" Chronicle (daven@uclnk4.berkeley.edu)
* Sena Wakeland, HST, Sacramento's "Sacramento by Night" Chronicle (sacbynight@aol.com)
* Victoria Generao, Council Rep, San Francisco, and Toreador
Coordinator at Large (lanakila@pacbell.net)

Again, please feel free to contact me at any time to ask questions, or just to get to know me on a level outside of the application. I look forward to talking with everyone involved, and hope to be able to serve in the role of Assamite Coordinator for the betterment of OWbN as a whole.

John Hawthorne
HST, San Francisco
West Coast Toreador Sub-Coordinator

3). Janet James
Home Chronicle: Night Falls (North VA)
E-Mail: PharaohGirl@aol.com

First, I would like to preface this application by saying I am truly disappointed that Becky has decided, regardless of her vote of confidence outcome, to step down from the position of Assamite Cord. None of us are infallible, and despite any mistakes, or perceived mistakes, she may have
made, I personally thought she was doing an excellent job with a clan which at present time is in a very precarious position. The changes recently put forth in OWBN and White Wolf regarding the Assamites have changed the clan, and the way they should generally be perceived and played drastically. I feel that working with what she was given; she did an admirable job in the face of a great deal of genre turmoil. The Assamite players and OWBN as a whole are
loosing a valuable resource in her resignation.
However, with her decision, OWBN will now find itself in need of a new Assamite Coordinator, and I will put forth myself as a potential candidate.
Currently, I am one of Tony's assistants for the Followers of Set, a position which I am willing to step out of in order to work with OWBN and the Assamites as a Cord. The credentials which follow will detail why I think I
am a good candidate for the position.
I have been involved as a player, storyteller, and coordinator in OWBN for some time now, playing and assisting in various east coast chronicles for
approximately six years. Currently I am an assistant cord for the Followers of Set, and I previously served as the Assamite Coordinator for roughly two years under Dunx. I have a great deal of familiarity with the Assamite Clan,
and the changes which have recently occurred within it, as well as with the Clan's history, laws, origin and tenants. As I do not play an Assamite PC, there is no worry of conflict with the cord position.
I am willing to work with Storytellers, players, and other Cords in an attempt to make the overall OWBN experience as enjoyable for as many people as possible, but I do consider myself very devoted to the "feel" of the game
as established by both OWBN and White Wolf. Genre, character and clan integrity, and even practical "realism" are important to me, and I would hope to keep such things in the forefront of OWBN and Clan Assamite as a Coordinator. I have no intentions of vastly digressing from or changing many of the ideals, projects or decrees Becky put into place for the clan because in essence I firmly believe she had the right idea. With the recent
addition of the Assamites to the Camarilla, I am of the mind that they players of Assamite PCs should not expect the proverbial Camarilla world on a silver platter. No new comers are immediately welcomed into any "old boys" club,
and that is something, that if appointed, I will stick by. I am not declaring my intent to “punish the Assamite PCs or generally keep them "down", I merely wish to state that things for them, in the Camarilla, should not change over night, a thought which I think most people agree with.
As players and as characters, rewards come in many ways, shapes and forms, and I do believe it is possible for the players of Assamites to have a fulfilling, rewarding role playing experience without completely changing the
prejudices, politics, positions and general feel of the Camarilla, and its attitudes and decrees as established by OWBN. My previous experience as Assamite Coordinator has prepared me for what I may be called upon to deal with, and I feel I am more than up to the job, especially in the
light of recent events.

Thank you for your time-
Janet James

4). Pat Donohue
Contact: Pat_OOC@yahoo.com
Availability: I am available quite often, and could but quite a few hours a day into the job if the need arises.
I can be contacted easily enough. I can travel frequently enough that I make it to most National Events.

-OWBN and LARPing experience
Been Larping in OWBN for about 6 years now, OWBN was my First Larp experience.

-other qualifications
Have been playing Rolplaying games for the last 18 years, good grasp of the rules of Vampire, good sense of fairness, and balance. Ability to handle large amounts of e-mails, and give speedy replies. Ability to say NO! for hours on end. Ability to listen to whining for days...

-applicant's vision for the position
Essentially I would like to see Clan Assamite prosper, at a reasonable pace, and try to stay along the WW lines of advancement.

1. Bill Helm - ST and Council Rep, Westchester - doc_rorshack@yahoo.com
2. Ben Russel - Assistant R&U Cood - Narrator@chesscafe.com
3. Loopy - R&U Cood - Loopy@pyro.net
4. Ian James - Thaum Cood - ijames@fhi.org

5). Corey Karels
Contact: raistlin553@hotmail.com (e-mail Checked multipule times a day)
Availability: I can put as much time into the position as needed. As a rough estimate At least 20 hours on a weekly basis. This estimate does not interfer with any Real Life or Larp Commitments. I am very easy to get ahold of. I
respond exceedingly quickly to my Hotmail account which I check 2 or 3 times an hour, barring being on the road or Real Life Commitments. And if you've talked with anyone that i've conversed with, they might tell you that i'm
hard to get rid of. (small grin) As for Traveling, if i'm given enough notice, I can make it anywhere in the continental US. For Instance, I live in Minnesota. I could make it to any of the surrounding Midwest areas with
as little as two weeks worth of notice. For something on the coasts and other regions, I would need about two months notice. (due to financial reasons)

OWBN and Larping Experience:
I've been a player within OWBN for over a year now, and I have played in a few other larps over the years. I've been larping since shortly after New Years of '96.

Other Qualifications:
I'm an e-mail Junky. It's sad but true. I suffer withdrawn when I haven't checked my e-mail within a certain number of hours. (sleep not included) I'm very easy to get ahold of, as well as willing to listen. I also have a
minor obsession with reading. (note: This does NOT mean that I know everything.) I have a passion for being thuro. I have a long fuse. It takes a bit to rile me up.

My Vision for the Position:
- I would like to assist and help all players with an understanding of the clan that they are playing, as well as being available for help and assistance in any future PC/NPC's. (i.e. finding an PC/NPC sire for a PC/NPC character) I would like to keep HST's up to date on PC or
possibly NPC movement through their domains. (regardless if any of the players would know.) I would like to work towards having a Website set up to assist players and anyone else with education of the Assamite Clan, in all
it's forms.

Don DeWolfe Head Story Teller of Diiminores
- E-mail Addy: diiminores@qwest.net

Alan Cardy Assistant Story Teller of Obsidian Towers
- E-mail Addy: acardy1999@hotmail.com

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