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Proposal Type: Coordinator Elections (Full Term)
Opened: 15-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST
Closing: 22-Nov-2009 1:00AM EST

The Lasombra Coordinator application(s) are included below.

Feel free to discuss the elections and applications with your CM.

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* Dan McMahon
* Chad Halverson

* Reject All Candidates
* Abstain

~ Jenn Louise Bahrs
OWbN Head Coordinator


Position Sought: Lasombra Coord

Your Name: Daniel McMahon

Your email address:

Home chronicle (Location and Chronicle name, please no abbreviations) City of Springs, Springfield Mass

Support From:


City of Springs, Springfield Mass

Court of Storms, Hartford CT

Steel Valley, Leigh Valley PA

Cradle of Liberty, Boston MA

Forged in Blood, Gary IN

The Last Crusade, Misvert Zion, Israel

Kings of New York, NYC

Blood on the Water, Sheboygan WI

Columbus in Darkness, Columbus OH


Teej, Gangrel Coordinator

JJ, Nosferatu Coordinator

Brendan, Malkavian Coordinator

Gaming History/Background

I could go into the various table tops and other games that I’ve been playing since a young age but to keep matters focused started playing OWBN in Hartford by Night and East of the River well over 12 years ago and have been playing OWBN Vampire since. I began playing OWBN Sabbat in Kings of New York in 2001. I have been playing OWBN Garou since 2000. I have traveled to almost every major event I could make it to, and next year plan to hit Midwinter, Kublacon, Festivo, Norigins, Nonclave/Nonklaive, Palla Grande, and finally the Northeast event.

Positions held within OWBN

Narrator Capital Rage, Stafford VA 2002-2004

Narrator, Philly Garou 2003-2004

Garou Venue Storyteller City of Springs 2006-Present

City of Springs HST and Council Rep 2007- Present

Personal Statement:

The first and most notable thing I know that any player or ST wishes of a coordinator is responsiveness. A coord who goes missing, or takes a great deal of time to respond to matters only angers and embitters any population of players. This at its core I find to be unacceptable as I have always felt if one is incapable of the job one should not do it.

I have found a great many of the Lasombra players who feel this way. They feel the office of the Lasombra Coordinator might as well be called the Lasombra Antitribu Coordinator for they focus on that side of the genre almost exclusively. The Lasombra Antitribu players have as much right to a timely response from their coord as anyone else but the Sabbat Lasombra are entitled to a coordinator who is focused on them with experience dealing with Sabbat Lasombra. Having spoken with the current Lasombra Sabbat Subcoord he has stated that almost nothing has been told to him and almost never contacted. This shows a core flaw to me and how I view the position. The Sabbat being the bulk of the clan should not be assigned a single subcoord while the less then two dozen LAT pcs have the full measure of the coordinators time and staffing.

I also believe measurable goals should exist for each coordinator so when the next year comes both they and council can see what they truly have accomplished.

Goals to Accomplish this term

To this end for the year I plan the following:

* Establish guidelines for becoming a Les Amis Noir or a member of the Court of Blood
* Assist Lasombra in ensuring they are the political might of the Sabbat through portrayal of npcs and guidance
* Assist players interested in playing Lasombra Antribu through the Council Process
* Cleaning up the Heralds office reputation in the Camarilla

To accomplish this is as I have already done begin talking with some of the Sabbat STs of the org and finding out what kind of support their players need. Too often right now Lasombra fight other Lasombra without asking for a Court of Blood. The inter-clan politics of this system is one of the key separations of the Keepers from the Ventrue. Once a reason for the death of the clanmate has been established by someone in a Court of Blood, there is still the additional matters for the court to determine;

* What assistance can be provided by packmates/clanmates?
* What is the timeframe to result in their final death?
* Will final death be dealt to the petitioner should he fail to accomplish the task?

Additionally begin establishing a system of support for the Lasombra players, help them ensure their positions as Bishops, Archbishops etc within the Sabbat by providing guidance and suggestions from various NPCs but never actually directly aiding them with martial force or physical presence.

For the Lasombra Antribu, I will emphasize and focus on the fact they are supposed to be subtle members of the Camarilla. They should hold considerable respect and prowess not for position but because of who they are. They are a hunted people by the enemy sect, one all too happy to present their staked torpid bodies to their Sabbat cousins because while a Lasombra may need a Court of Blood to strike down his cousin, the rest of the sect sees only a traitor. In the eyes of the sect the only thing worse then a Lasombra Antribu is a Tzimisce Antitribu.

The Keepers should be feared, they should be respected, people need to regain that fear of the Abyss.

Praise Caine!


Name: Chad Halverson

Position Sought: Lasombra Coordinator

Gaming Experience:

I have been gaming for about 2 decades now, and have tried a wide variety of them. A little over 6 years ago, I was introduced to the Saint Paul vampire larp, and it just happened to be an OWbN larp. So I got involved in the organization. I traveled to some local games, but soon ended up playing quite a bit more. I have been to both coasts playing in OWbN games and events, and many places in between.

During that time I have served as a subcoord for Lasombra, Ravnos and Assamites. In the Obsidian Towers (Saint Paul, MN) chronicle, I assisted for quite some time as a Narrator until becoming AST and, shortly after, HST. I stepped down from there after a year or so to return to playing. Later, I also served as AST for Within Shadow’s Reach (Fargo, ND).

Personal Statement:

The Lasombra clan has an excellent foundation to work with, and I look forward to building on this foundation. The clan itself is made up of strong willed individuals that excel at manipulation and control, dedicated to the acquisition of power for their own ends. It is this will to power and iron determination that makes Lasombra so fascinating, and makes them so intriguing. This past year has seen several projects come to fruition, including the addition of PC Amici. I have talked with a number of people as to how the concept of the “Obtenebration Registry” can be refined and made more workable for the PCs and STs of OWbN. I look forward to bringing to fruition the promise of these projects.

If elected, some of my goals are:

* Establish a revised understanding of the “Obtenebration Registry” and the role of the Herald. This will be largely left to the PCs to determine through role-play and less through NPCs
* This last year, I was able to communicate with multiple Sabbat games, establishing two PC Amicus on the Sabbat side. I hope to work with these PCs to enhance Lasombra specific genre in the Sabbat. Though in the past communication with the Sabbat games has been limited, that is something that is fortunately changing for the better
* Continue to work with STs as needed for their games. This seems self-explanatory, but I feel my role is as a resource to the ST staffs and helping them formulate plot as needed in their game, and for the overall betterment of OWbN.
* I have discussed with a few individuals establishing a web presence for the Lasombra clan. Once the new site has been established, we will work to make this addition.
* Finally, I will continue to work with individuals that want to play Lasombra PCs to accomplish their personal goals, whichever sect they declare their loyalty to.

I invite anyone with questions or suggestions to contact me at my email address,

Support From:

Dawn Sherman – Archivist

Cheri Foster-Dupont – Assamite Coord

Saint Augustine

Gary: Forged in Blood

Thicker than Blood


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