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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 06-Oct-2021 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 13-Oct-2021 12:00AM EDT

I, Will Lee, CM of Bartow, propose the following addition to the character bylaws. This requires a second:

4.a.ii When interacting with another chronicle the player is responsible for answering said chronicles staff the following questions regarding to their identity: Their actual name, which may be a commonly known by name, and the chronicle from which the character they are playing is based. This includes any communication between chronicles, and downtime scenes within chronicles other then the characters home chronicle.

Reason! So, recent topic on the ST list over a player refusing to reveal who they are to the ST of a chronicle. One comment was made about, well, it’s not in the bylaws! So here we are. Staffs should be able to ask who you are, and where you’re based. I need to know if you’re banned in my game, if there are Ooc issues between players I need to deal with, and a list of other reasons when a player interacts in my chronicle. Some players flat out refuse to play with other players, and I need to know as staff if you are side stepping that request to protect the safety of my players.

Not all games have the rule were staffs must be CCd, so it’s sometimes hard to track down who’s who. Especially if they are using an alt identity, because it’s hard to sometimes make a “looking for X” if only certain staff members know the identity.

On a side note, one request was made in regards to gender, so commonly known by name was added. I left actual character names out of it, because I know people use AIs all the time, and I’ll let games decide how they want to handle that on their case by case basis.

Finally! We are becoming a larger and larger digital based org. A lot of games are discord only, or have supplemental discord servers. They are honestly hard to keep track of. We need to evolve our bylaws to address this demographic change.

Will L

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