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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 02-Oct-2021 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 09-Oct-2021 12:00AM EDT

I, Will Lee, propose the following changes/addition to the Character bylaws! This proposal has the potential to AUTO-PASS.

Bylaw: m.viii.35 (with legacy)
Any non-Ravnos Learning Advanced Chimerstry (or higher) - PC: Coordinator Approval NPC: Coordinator Approval - Coordinator Ravnos

Out of Clan Advaned Chimerstry (or higher) - PC: Coordinator Approval NPC: Storyteller Approval Coordinator Ravnos

m.viii.35.a. Characters/Non-NPCs Teaching Advanced Chimerstry - PC: Disallowed - Coordiantor Ravnos

Bylaw: 6.f.10 (with legacy)
Bloodline Powers (Rom)

Affinities (Descedants of Dracian)


This is just stuff left over from the last packet change (and another one will be up in a week or two!), that got missed. Chim 5 out of clan needs to cover Supernatural Catiff/Pander, which are approval on their own, and per the Anarch Coord we needed to fix the Laibon Legacy that has chim in clan. Lastly, they are also joint approval, but the Toreador bloodline Nephalim have Chim in clan, and I dont see why we need multiple entries for each of these characters to have an in-clan at 5.

Why storyteller approval for NPCs? Make monsters, have fun, Im cool with it. STs want more approval power without asking, and honestly, I usually dont stop STs from having it on npcs anyways. I get frustrated with custom made mentors, but meh, cant bylaw everything!

As for disallowing PC to PC teaching of 5s. I have, in 10 years as Coord, never once approved a PC to teach level 5 chim to another. Sadly, I have been yelled at multiple times in 10 years (some players and STs have been awesome about it, and I thank you for it!), because I say no strictly because I dont believe in 5 to 5 teaching. This was brought up as a solution for when I tried to stop all PC to PC level 5 teaching, and for STs who have issues saying no to players, now there is a bylaw to blame!

Bloodline powers to affinities is just changing to stay with the new bylaws/packet and the name changes.

~Will Lee

Ravnos Coordinator

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