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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 12-Dec-2020 12:00AM EST
Closing: 19-Dec-2020 12:00AM EST

I, Danielle Frink, as Head Coordinator, propose the following additions to the Coordinator bylaws:


Add to Coordinator Bylaws:

2.       Appointed Coordinator Positions

A.      The following Coordinator positions shall be appointed by the Head Coordinator as needed until such time as the Council feels the role requires an elected Coordinator position:

                                                          vii.      Documents



3.       Coordinator Duties

A.      Administrative Coordinators

ix.      Documents

                                                             1.      Duties for Documents shall be:

a.       Assemble a team of volunteers to handle the technical aspects of packet creation, including, but not limited to:

i.         Document design

ii.       Editing

iii.     Graphics

iv.     Translation

v.       Interactive features in PDFs

b.       Create some sense of unity between the various packets so that the shared nature of OWbN can be seen in our materials.

c.       Implement the vision of Genre Coordinators for their packets.

i.         Genre material, style and general presentation will be decided by the Genre Coordinator, who has ultimate authority over their packet.

d.       Make sure that all documents created for OWBN are in compliance with our bylaws and copyright standards.

e.       As often as possible, create documents that are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

f.        Update existing packets to reflect bylaw changes through line-edits, in consultation with the appropriate genre coordinator.

g.       Work with individual chronicles to assist in creating polished house rules documents, as requested.

Reasoning: As recent discussions on Council have indicated, a team for helping with packet translation is something we need. But why limit ourselves just to translation? There are a number of talented individuals in the org who have helped many Coordinators – even in genres they do not play in – to put together polished documents for general org use. This position will allow for an individual Coordinator to be responsible for overseeing a general document creation team.

I had considered making a sub-coord team under Exec for this purpose, but I believe that having a dedicated Coordinator, who has access to all relevant discussion about org materials (Coord, Council and ST lists) would give us the best possible results without adding any more duties to other Coordinators.

I have discussed this idea with the Coordinator Team, and have gotten some solid support from them. 


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