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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 19-Nov-2020 12:00AM EST
Closing: 26-Nov-2020 12:00AM EST

Hello Council,

As stated in another thread, I believe that adding in definitions and base parameters for what is/is not a hard vs. soft proxy. While not a magic bullet, I believe this will help both chronicles and players to have a mutual, base understanding to work from.

I, Dylan Guerrero, CM for Allentown, Steel Valley by Night do hereby propose the following addition to Administrative Bylaws 1. Chronicles


This proposal requires a second to go to vote.  


This is a CM proposal, objections are reflected in discussion and votes (should the proposal reach the voting stage).   "Objections" in of themselves do not force this proposal to vote, as it can not autopass unless given general consensus Addition to Administrative Bylaws


  1. J. Hard And Soft Proxy


i. Hard proxy is defined as an instance where a PC based in a home chronicle travels to another chronicle for the purpose of interacting with that game. 


i.1. It is accepted that when in a hard proxy scene, the character sheet item cards and any declarations of character actions taken ahead of arriving in the scene must be provided by the player. 


i.2. the staff overseeing said scene must inform the player of any modifications, deletions, or alterations to said sheet or item cards before the scene can begin.


i.3. Once i.1 and i.2 are completed, the scene may commence. The PC is considered to be signed into the game in question for the duration of the scene and may not partake in any other scenes / games until the scene is completed.


ii. Soft Proxy


ii.1. Soft proxy is defined as an instance where two or more PC’s are interacting with one another in a scene(s) where the players and staff understand that there will be no negative repercussions or actions taken against the PC’s by other PC’s or the staff overseeing said scene for the duration of the scene.


ii.2. The hosting chronicle and staff of the visiting character(s) must be informed and consent to the scene to take place so that they are aware of events occurring between the character(s) involved.


ii.3. Any soft proxy scene(s) being run are considered to have occurred on the date the scene is completed.


ii.3.a in the event that a pc is killed while attending a game at a chronicle or already engaged in a hard proxy scene, the soft proxy scene(s) under way are considered to have never occurred.


ii.3.b No information provided / received during a soft proxy scene(s) may be used in character until the scene is completed.


ii.4 Characters may partake in other soft proxy scene(s), or attend games while engaged in soft proxy scenes. 


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