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Opened: 11-Aug-2020 12:00AM EDT
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Pursuant to Coordinator Bylaw §3.C.iii, I, Lauren Russ, as Tremere Coordinator, do so propose the following.


This proposal may be shared with players for review.

Much of this is included in the attached packets, if you prefer to read it in PDF format. We have included an English version and a Portuguese version.


Return of the Telyavs

History of the Telyavs


During the Dark Ages before the diablerie of Saulot, a small group of Tremere magi travelled to expand their magical knowledge. The magi eventually settled in Lithuania after discovering the local pagans worshipped a god called Telyavel.  Telyavel is worshipped as a protector of the dead, which led the local mortal population to view kindred as incarnations of the god Telyavel rather than monsters of the night.  The kindred magi chose to embrace this perspective of the pagans of Lithuania, and shirked the name of Tremere to become the Telyavs.  It is believed that the Telyavs were taught their Sielanic magics directly from Telyavel himself, and have passed it down the generations through their religious and occult studies of Telyavel. The process became more similar to the Hermetic Thaumaturgy of their parent clan than those who practice other forms of blood magics. However, their innate powers remained entwined with their unique spiritual ties to Telyavel.


Some infrequent contact remained between the Telyavs and Tremere chantries, but that came to an end in the late 13th Century.  Ventrue elders destroyed their main enclaves with assistance from the Tremere from Ceoris.  By the 16th century during the period when Poland and Lithuania joined, the Tremere reported that the Telyavs had all been eliminated.  Lithuanian Paganism was crushed under the might of the Christian Inquisition, and pushed those who held onto their beliefs into hiding.  


The Telyavs are considered to be extinct to all sects, however some elders of the Tremere and Tzimisce clan know the truth.  The last vestiges of the Telyavs have been located in Lithuania, and rooted out by a secret society of Tremere answering directly to Councillor Etrius.  Due to the early beliefs of the includion of women amungst the Telyavs, the last of their ranks are predominantly female presenting with some male presenting and non-binary.  The Telyavs were split when they realized a raid was coming, some making the choice to run rather than stand their ground. Etrius’s forces pushed their way through to the remaining leadership of the Telyavs, who swore fealty to Etrius and the Inner Council in exchange for their lives.  Those who survived the escape from the Telyav enclave came upon a small faction of Sabbat led by a powerful Tzimisce. The Koldun saw an opportunity with the desperate Telyavs and decided to take them in and hide them within the ranks of some of the Tzimisce. 


Modern day Telyavs

In the modern era, the Telyavelic Tremere are publicly considered to have been made extinct in the Dark Ages. However, a small few remain hidden within the ranks of the Sabbat and Camarilla. Due to the nature of their current existence, they hide their true identities and blend in as members of either the Tzimisce or the Tremere.  Some individuals have held onto their strong belief in Telyavel, and continue their worship of the Lithuanian deity. However, their worship is always in secret as they would be considered heretics if found out by either faction.  Fortunately modern Telyavelic Tremere have found they are able to learn their Sielanic magics through study of the occult teachings of the followers of Telyavel, rather than through devout worship of the deity.

The Telyavs of the Sabbat

Knowing their presence would quickly draw the attention of the Black Witch, the entire pack was vowed to secrecy and have allowed the Telyavs to live within the Sabbat under the guise of being Koldunic Sorcerers of clan Tzimisce. While this idea displeases many of the elders of Clan Tzimisce in the know, the benefits of having blood magicians that understand the old ways outweigh the detriments...for now.

From the chantry in their traditional homeland of Riga in modern day Latvia, the Telyavs are protected from scrutiny by powerful Koldunic Sorcery rituals. An unknown Tzimisce that has until recently remained out of the jyhad watches over them and acts to guide their journey in the Sword of Caine. These protections act as a double edged sword to both help the Telyav blend in while keeping tabs on their movements.

Politically, the Telyav are free to act as they will under their facade, but are expected to pursue the agenda of Clan Tzimisce overall.

The Telyavelic Tremere within the Camarilla

Those who chose to swear their allegiance to House and Clan Tremere were brought to Vienna to drink from the cup and swore the Oath in order to truly bind them to the Tremere.  The Telyavic Tremere agreed to exchange their Sielanic Thaumaturgy for the salvation of their bloodline.  Most Telyavelic Tremere within the Pyramid reside under the watchful eyes of Regent Astrid Thomas, childer of Etrius, within the Vienna Chantry.  However, a small few have been allowed to be reassigned to other Camarilla chantries to serve the needs of House and Clan Tremere.  The Telyavelic Tremere are hidden within the ranks of the regular Tremere, their true identities often a secret even to their fellow Tremere.  As far as Clan Tremere is concerned with regard to the Camarilla, these Telyavelic Tremere are not considered to be a bloodline and are presented as Tremere for Acknowledgement.  The elders of clan Tremere hold the true origins and identities of the Telyavelic Tremere as a closely guarded secret, with few Tremere knowing and the rest of the Ivory Tower remaining ignorant to their secrets.

The Telyavelic and the Anarch Movement

Although some of the Telyavs may share similar ideology with the Anarch Movement, none have been found to be within the ranks of the Anarchs.  This is likely due to the carefully guarded nature of their existence within both the Sabbat and the Camarilla, with dissenters being dealt with.


This will open up the ability for both the Sabbat and Camarilla to have access to Sielanic Thaumaturgy.



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