[PROPOSAL] [CHARACTER BYLAWS] Custom Content Circumventing RnU requirements.

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 21-Jul-2020 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 28-Jul-2020 12:00AM EDT

As CM of CNMR, propose the following addition to the Character Bylaws: 7. Custom Content.

7.A   Any custom content which emulates, replicates, or in any method duplicates existing content which is considered Rare and Unusual (most commonly listed the Character bylaws).   Must hold the same approval as the Rare and Unusual item it emulates, replicates, or otherwise duplicates.  This equally applies to Rare and Unusual Approval for Player Characters (PCs) and Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
The rest of the custom content database, relisted b - d to place this item at the top of the list.

For a long time now, the general idea around the org is that anything you want that is RnU  you can simply bypass that RnU restriction by creating ST Approval Custom Content.   Not only is this frequently argued by many different Council Members for custom "x" of some aspect of the game not regulated.   It has already become a frequent situation in the Custom Content Database.   Where games have allowed Custom Content to simply wholesale duplicate RnU items without needing to obtain that RnU approval.

Rare and Unusual items are regulated for a reason, and it has been going on long enough to have become a demonstrable and data driven problem.
Legacy Exemption
Coordinator Approval
  - Characters which currently have Custom Content which would apply under this bylaw and need Coordinator Approval will have 90 days (roughly sometime in October) to seek the Coordinators approval for their custom content.

Council Vote
 - Characters which currently have Custom Content which would apply under this bylaw and need a Council Vote will have 30 days for their Home game to propose that vote to council.

Characters equally have the option of voluntarily removing the item from their sheet, and their staff creating a Ticket to the web team to have the item deleted from the Custom Content Database.

XP Refund
    If not approved or voluntarily removed, Home Chronicles will be the final arbiter if XP is refunded or not.

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