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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 22-Jun-2020 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 29-Jun-2020 12:00AM EDT


Pursuant to Coordinator Bylaw §3.C.iii, I, Dora Jay, as Changing Breeds Coordinator, do so propose the following. It should be noted that this proposal has the potential to autopass. 

Bylaw Addition
  1. Gifts
    1. Learning, Swiping, Mimicking, or otherwise Obtaining Aetherial Realm Gifts -  PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: Unregulated - Coordinator: Changing Breeds
    2. Aetherial Gifts are gifts taught by the Deity Incarna and Celestine Spirits. These gifts include:
      1. Basic
        1. Aura of Leadership
        2. Battlesense
        3. Earth Sense
        4. Find the Child Within
        5. Find the Heart’s Flame
        6. Find the Portent
        7. Fixit
        8. Flame of the Wind Rider 
        9. Foetracker
        10. Herb Call
        11. Hidden Depths
        12. Lambent Sight
        13. Mantle of the Land
        14. Moonpool of Sokhta
        15. Peace of the Counselor
        16. Proclamation of Action
        17. Rouse to Anger
        18. Sense Limits
        19. Sense of the Transformation
        20. Shadow of the Ebon Whisperer
        21. Shards of Icy Rage
        22. Shorten the Road
        23. Speed of the Messenger
        24. Sticky Fingers
        25. Threads of the Tapestry
        26. Uncloak the Hidden
      2. Intermediate
        1. Blank Slate
        2. Challenge of Single Combat
        3. Deliberate Misinformation
        4. Enthronement
        5. Hand of the Sun
        6. Harmonious Slumber
        7. Hidden Heart
        8. Hunter’s Horn
        9. Lore of the Land
        10. Mercurial Messenger
        11. Mooncat
        12. Moonriver
        13. Motherly Guardian
        14. Nerigal’s Call to Arms
        15. Oaksong
        16. Pall of Despair
        17. Ride the Solar Winds
        18. Savagery of the Taloned Hunter
        19. Shantar’s Loom
        20. Sleep’s Travels
        21. Tangling the Skein
        22. Undisputed Ruler
        23. Unravel
        24. Veil of the Mother
        25. Whisper in the Dark
        26. Wyld Spirits
      3. Advanced
        1. Bring Forth The Future
        2. Burden of Knowledge
        3. Cleansing Flame
        4. Diplomatic Immunity
        5. Drown
        6. Ebon Binding
        7. Earth Heal
        8. Essential Transformation
        9. Grand Gesture
        10. Heart of the Ice Warrior
        11. Moondream
        12. Pack Mind
Detailed Reasoning
So this is a loop hole that needs to be closed. 
The only spirits that, by book, teach these gifts, are coordinator NPCs in the Aetherial Realm, where you must effectively go to space and do something or present something that makes you worthy of being taught these powers.
However, what's been happening, because the bylaws don't explicitly state you can't do it this way (even tho the books do!), is that people have been summoning 'aspects' of the coordinator controlled NPCs to learn the aetherial gifts they, and only they, can teach!
Bylaw loop hole closing. 
Yes, I realize this is a large list of gifts and will increase the bylaw regulation, but this is basically garou thaum and it's currently a 'the bylaws don't say I can't!' loophole. 
I had 3 sheets signed into Concolation with over 10 Aetherial Gifts. 
I had 6 sheets signed into Concolation with 5-10 Aetherial Gifts. 
I had over 20 sheets signed into Concolation with 1-5 gifts. 
Of the above, close to half did not have to complete any chimmage for the gifts they had obtained where as others (who went through proper channels) had to risk their character sheet to obtain the power bump.
For those of you who don't play Changing Breeds, these gifts are arguably the most powerful gifts in the genre because they are literally taught to you as a 'power given to you by the Gods' sort of scenario. 
These are not things that you should be able to get without chimminage. 
That being said, I don't care if STs put them on chronicle NPCs and have zero desire to regulate that. I just want everyone who goes to get gift x to have to effectively pay the same price for it.
Change Log
changed verbiage at beginning to  "Learning, Swiping, Mimicking, or otherwise Obtaining Aetherial Realm Gifts"  




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