[PROPOSAL] Addition to Character Bylaw 10.:m.ix.38 Thaumaturgy

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 13-Jun-2020 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 20-Jun-2020 12:00AM EDT

I, Adam Sartori, the Council Member for Kings of New York proposes the following bylaw addition and packet.

Add Bylaw: 10.:m.ix.38 Thaumaturgy – PC: Coordinator Notify – NPC: Storyteller Approval – Coordinator: Varies, see below

a.        A Player character with any other blood magic already on their sheet may not purchase or learn Thaumaturgy as presented here and its packet.

b.        A player character who learns a second (or more) paradigm of blood magic will lose this blood magic and be refunded the experience points for it.

c.        The Coordinator who is notified is the player character’s Sect Coordinator.  If the character is an Independent Sect, or has no Sect; the Notify will be done to their clan coordinator.

Reasoning: So this has been talked about a while back and I decided to bring it up for actual discussion and vote to council.  This was based on the idea of opening back up Blood Magic to the Storytellers to use in their games and players.  The point, largely being, by restricting both blood magic and combination disciplines we have created an explosion in custom content.  It has also created a scenario of the haves and have nots; and in some ways a little bit of Gate Keeping.  This proposal isn’t to really say those are a bad thing.  It is to present an option for Storytellers to have some more tools to use in their stories and players. 

Now with that being said; you will actually find Thauamturgy is not listed in the character bylaws.  Hermetic Thaumaturgy is (and should be), but Thaumaturgy as presented in Laws of the Night Revised is actually not there.  In truth, right now, there are legally several types and methods of blood magic in the org that are already storyteller approval.  For example; Wicca Thauamturgy, Kabbalah Thaumaturgy, and Santeria Thaumaturgy as presented in Blood Magic: Secrets of Thauamturgy is currently unregulated.  Additionally. If one looks at the character creation rules for clan Tzimisce in Laws of the Night Revised; there is an option to create a Tzimisce character with Thaumaturgy (not Heremtic Thaumaturgy) as in clan discpline.  Those are all, right now, legal to approve and have on characters in OWbN. 

What I present is a generic blood magic and small packet to control it as an alternative and tools for games to use.  It ONLY includes the Paths and Rituals as found in Laws of the Night revised, and these are the only ones that can be taken. period.  Pretty much all the other paradigms get access to these paths and rituals and since it is a “generic” blood magic for a game to use; it does not encroach on another coordinator or genre.  This isn’t Tremere Thaumaturgy.  That would be heremtic thaumaturgy.  I have also included a caveat that characters that already possess some form of blood magic may not purchase or have this generic Thaumaturgy. It is not for them.  This is for the player characters who don’t have any and would like to get some without having to be one of the few niche type characters that normally get it.  Additionally, because no coordinator will control this; any changes to the packet presented here would require a separate proposal and vote by council itself. 

Now, I want to be clear here; this isn’t a hill I am looking to die on.  I could honestly be convinced this is a good idea or a bad idea.  Right now?  I think it’s worth trying out.  I think it will result in less custom content being made in the org and more things from the core book being purchased by characters.  But maybe I am wrong.  So that’s why I am presenting it to council.  I think it’s worth merit to discuss and vote in our democratic process this idea!  Also, note, I did not consult the other coordinators about this prop before making it.  It was my goal that this does not actually impact their respective genres as this is a “generic” blood magic for games to use and anything else still goes through them.  That and I have brought this idea up several times on council before…and it was largely receptive by the coordinators that replied at the time.  So no insult meant and I apologize if one is taken for me just pitching the idea to council!

So please…keep it civil and don’t call me the devil for pitching an idea to you all J  I am also open to amendments! 

P.S. I think we could all use a break from things in the world and current events on the ST list to talk about game topics and props that could benefit the whole of the org.  But please, don’t tell me to die in a fire for pitching the idea lol.



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