[Proposal][SECONDED] [Exception] [Bylaw] Restructuring of 10.m.vii and Alternate Disciplines

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 28-May-2020 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 04-Jun-2020 12:00AM EDT

Pursuant to Coordinator bylaw §3.C.iii , as the Lasombra Coordinator, I, Anthony Nordman, propose the following changes and additions to the One World by Night Character Regulation bylaws -
Removal of the current Character bylaws 10.m.viii Powers to be reformatted and expanded into 4 sections,

10.m.viii Combination Disciplines
10.m.ix Out-of-Clan Disciplines
10.m.x Alternate Disciplines
10.m.xi Miscellaneous Powers
The following would change:
10.m.ix Blood Magic would change to 10.m.xi Blood Magic
10.m.x Other Listings would change to 10.m.xii Other Listings
The full reformatting is reflected in the following pdf: 
All changes/additions which are noted below are highlighted in yellow in the document for ease.
Rationale: Sorting things into categories not only makes the currently bulky Power bylaws easier to read, it also makes it easier for the Archivist and Historian to log stuff and make additions.
Additions to 10.m.x Alternate Disciplines
  • Note: These approvals are required in addition to any approvals for Out-of-clan possession of a discipline.
  • Discipline: Dark Ages: Daimonion - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: Coordinator Approval - Coordinator: Demon
  • Discipline: Dark Ages: Dementation - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: ST Approval - Coordinator: Malkavian
  • Discipline: Dark Ages: Obtenebration - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: ST Approval - Coordinator: Lasombra
  • Discipline: Dark Ages: Protean - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: ST Approval - Coordinator: Gangrel
  • Discipline: Ebony Kingdoms: Vicissitude for non-Naglopers - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: Coordinator Approval - Coordinator: Tzimisce
  • Discipline: Second Edition: Mytherceria - PC: Coordinator Approval - NPC: ST Approval - Coordinator: Lasombra  
Rationale: This adds a level of approval to variants of disciplines which should not be readily available for most PCs. Additionally, it fixes an oversight with Daimonion where it a merit is Regulated to give access to the power, but the power itself was not regulated.

This is being proposed with the support of all relevant clan Coordinators and the Historian and Archivist.
Due to this affecting more than my office, this does not have the potential to Autopass. 

This is being proposed with limited Grandfathering:
a. Existing Bylaws being consolidated will be exempt from Grandfathering.
b. New Additions will have No Grandfathering.
      i. The exception to this is Daimonion, where characters who are already approved for the Covenant of the Old Ways merit will remain approved for Dark Ages Daimonion.  

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