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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 14-Jan-2020 12:00AM EST
Closing: 21-Jan-2020 12:00AM EST

I the CM of Chicago: New Moon Rising, do so propose the following.   
This proposal requires a second in order to go to vote.   
Administrative Bylaw 4. B. "Other Coordinator Elections"
              b.xi. No proposals relating to elections, election process, or the voting procedure may be proposed or ratified from the time the council discussion of the ballot begins until the time all elections end. 
4.B. "Other Coordinator Elections"
  xi. No proposals may be made or ratified to council once the Election Term's ballot is presented to Council (as determined by Administrative Bylaws 4.B.IV) until the time all elections end.  This includes but is not limited to: Elections, Election Process, voting procedure(s), Bylaw Change(s), Plot(s) or Packet(s).   This specifically excludes Disciplinary Action Proposal(s) and Head Coordinator Emergency Action Proposal(s).
Detailed Reasoning
During the election season there is a significant number of people whom are temporarily added to council, all with the focus of elections and the Q&A which accompanies it.   This focus generates hundreds of emails per day that CMs should be free to address completely to ensure clear understanding and communication between themselves, candidates, and with their chronicle.   Proposals during this time take away "spoons" from everyone in the administrative process.  All in all to the possible detriment of elections themselves.
This proposal effects what may or may not be proposed during the  “Other Election Process” and as such does not affect any current or future proposals until that time, Nor does it affect Head Coordinator Elections or Special Elections.  This proposal would take effect immediately in the 2020 Elections.
This proposal does not bring back Crystal Pepsi.

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