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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 15-Nov-2019 12:00AM EST
Closing: 22-Nov-2019 12:00AM EST


Pursuant to Coordinator Bylaw §3.C.iii, I, David Ashby, as the Anarch Coordinator, do so propose the following addition to the Character Bylaws.


10. Controlled Items
     m. Vampire Controlled Items
          v. Merits and Flaws
               39. Non-Dhampir with the Merit: Perceive Vampires - PC: Disallowed - NPC: Disallowed - Coordinator: Anarch
                    a. This includes all Characters that were once Dhampir but at some point were changed to another creature type.


This merit has been seen on non Dhampir sheets in recent nights.  The book is fairly clear that only Dhampirs may have this merit.  I am making the change to the bylaws to represent this. 


There will be No Grandfathering if this vote passes.  

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