[PROPOSAL] Change to Character Regulation Bylaw 3, Version 2

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 18-Oct-2019 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 25-Oct-2019 12:00AM EDT

I, Adam Sartori, Council Member for Kings of New York propose the following edit and addition to Character Bylaw 3.

3. Experience Points

a. Experience Points (XP) are awarded to the character, not the player, and only by their home-Chronicle. They may only be spent on the character to which it was awarded.

i. The reason for any XP Award must be clearly documented on the character sheet or experience history

b. A new player character is restricted to the points allowed under standard character creation rules in the appropriate Mind's Eye Theater book, plus up to sixty (60) experience points or 1/3 of the total experience points (round down) of a recently deceased pc.

i. The 60 experience points can be given through storytelling awards or as a rollover from the unspent experience points held by a previous character that has been rendered permanently unplayable (Retired or Dead), through whatever reason. Any such awards or rollover must be made within three game sessions of the character entering play.

1. Points diverted from a previous character as rollover may only be used once and for a single

2. new character Points already spent cannot be transferred to another character or refunded to serve as rollover.

ii. These points may be spent only as Experience Points, not as creation/bonus points. This spending should follow your Chronicle's House Rules

iii. Any awards of traits, abilities, or other character statistics count towards this limit as the amount of experience that the player would have had to spend to purchase that particular statistic.

iv. These points cannot be allowed to purchase any power above second Basic in any out of clan Disciplines.

v. If a character is claiming 1/3rd of the xp from a recently removed from play PC (either through character death due to plot, story, or retirement) they must do so within one month of that event occurring.  Additionally, the new character with this starting experience points must be logged with the archivist as to the source of the experience points and that they are being claimed by a game for a new character and logged on that new character.

            1.  A player may never claim 1/3rd of the experience points for a new character from a character that was removed from play due to a disciplinary action.

            2. The new character being made with the 1/3rd experience points from a previous character must be created in the same game that the other previously deceased character was based in at the time they were removed from play.

            3. Characters taking the 1/3rd experience points for a new character do not also get an additional 60 starting experience points.  These roll over points function in all ways as to the above ii. and iii section of this bylaw.

            4.  A player may only claim the 1/3rd roll over experience points from a specific previous character once.  Once this is used, it may not be done so again for another new player character, without the death/retirement of another player character.  The character that is used to claim these points must be removed from play and may never be resurrected. 

            5.  A player may only claim the 1/3rd starting experience from a previous character for a new character once every 365 Days starting from the day the new character is made.

            6. A player may not claim the 1/3rd starting experience from the loss of a character due combat with another player character, also known as PVP.

Reasoning:  So I’m not married to this idea or have decided this is my hill to die on, but I do think this has the potential to be a good idea.  Back in 1998 this was actually the rule used by the OWbN game East of the River when I first started playing.  It really helped with player retention after character death.  These days I feel it’s safe to say that most games are seeing a problem in player retention after character death.  In addition since that time we have seen an increased need to increase the starting experience for new characters as the organization gets older and grows.  I feel this is a good way to help reward long term players for their dedication to One World by Night and encourage them to make new characters without having to start all over again.  Which, too many is a deterrent to make new characters in OWbN.  I think it’s a good enough idea, to put to a vote.  If anyone has any suggestions for edits to this prop, I will more than welcome then!  At the very least we should discuss this as an idea to help our games retain players.


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