[Proposal] Change to the Glass Ceiling: Disallowing of "tri-spec"

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 22-Oct-2019 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 29-Oct-2019 12:00AM EDT

I, as CM of TwD, propose the following addition to Character Bylaw 6. Glass Ceiling
   6. F. All Characters 
i. All characters are limited to possessing no more than two of the following power sets: 
1. Disciplines (including blood magic, ritae, blood magic rituals, KJ disciplines, powers and rituals, etc.) 
2. Gifts (including rites)
3. Edges 
4. Hekhu 
5. Spheres 
6. Numina (taken as a whole including hedge magic/sorcery, rituals based in the same, psychic powers and theurgy) 
7. Arts (including Bestowments granted by the Ritual of Parted Mists, Slivers, Hsien Alchemy and all other Changeling-genre powers) 
8. Arcanoi 
9. Qiao (Demon Hunter X) 
10. Bloodline powers (Gypsy) 
11. Lores (defined as the Fallen power set rather than the ability, including Fallen rituals).

   Rationale: This one is pretty simple. PCs simply do not need to have these things in combination. Some of the most difficult to balance and regulated combinations of characters involve having 2 of the above. Having 3, in the view of this proposal, is unbalanced and needless. Is it possible to finagle in some way by stretching backstory to its limits? Sure. This proposal does not argue that point. But the stance of this proposal that, much like other glass ceiling items, such a power set does not do the org any favors and should not be allowed for the sake of balance and fairness. 

   As this is a change to the Glass Ceiling, rather than R&U, to my understanding Grandfathering is not a thing. Any PCs affected by this are to pick two power sets and be refunded the XP from their third (or fourth or fifth). 

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