[Proposal][Autopass] Regulation of Pasiphae and Ritual of Severance [10/3/19]

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 11-Oct-2019 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 11-Oct-2019 12:05AM EDT

I, Tony Mills, in my duties as Wraith Coordinator and Pursuant to Coordinator bylaw §3.C.iii, hereby propose the following addition to Character bylaw 10.n.ii -With No Grandfathering.


4. Pasiphae (Separated Shadows) - PC: 2/3 Majority Vote - NPC: Simple Majority Vote - Coordinator: Wraith

5. Learning the Ritual of Severance - PC: Disallowed - NPC: Disallowed - Coordinator: Wraith

  1. Wraith Coordinator Controlled NPC Ferrymen may still have access to this item as it is required to be performed upon new Ferrymen.

6. Benefitting from the Ritual of Severance - PC: 2/3 Majority Vote - NPC: Simple Majority Vote - Coordinator: Wraith


Rationale: Pasiphae are the severed shadows of Ferrymen. The Ritual of Severance is only known to the ferrymen. This is a secret that is kept solely to the Ferrymen and is never taught outside of that group. As playing a Ferryman requires a ⅔ vote, playing their other half, a Pasiphae should require the same. As playing a Ferryman (and if this prop passes) a Pasifae is ⅔ vote, there is no reason that a PC or NPC outside of those controlled by the Wraith Coordinator should have access to this particular ritual. Benefitting from the ritual was added to ensure genre cohesiveness. No Wraith PC that isn’t a Ferryman should be forever without their shadow. 

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