[Proposal] Coordinator Bylaws Addtion - Number of Coord Positions 29 July 2019

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Proposal Type: Bylaw Revision
Opened: 06-Aug-2019 12:00AM EDT
Closing: 13-Aug-2019 12:00AM EDT

I Rob Beckett, as CM of Orlando: Magic Kingdom hereby propose the following change to the Coordinator Bylaws;

Add to Coordinator Bylaws 3
E. No individual may simultaneously hold multiple Coordinator positions within One World by Night; no individual may simultaneously run for multiple Coordinator positions in the same election.

i. Individuals holding a Coordinator Position may hold positions as;
 1. sub-coordinator for one or more other offices.
 2. Any Chronicle staff (ST, Narrator, CM, Book-keeper, etc). 

Rationale: The responsibilities of being a coordinator, regardless of your ability to handle those responsibilities or to delegate them are significant enough that they should be divided among the largest pool of applicants. Furthermore, if a single individual holds more than one full coordinator position the ability/authority to guide the genre of the org becomes more compartmentalized.

NOTE: This amendment clarifies WHICH coordinator bylaw this prop is for because I somehow forgot that in the first post. It also adds, at Drew's and Daniel's suggestion, text that prohibits an individual from also running for multiple offices at once

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