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Proposal Type: Other Public
Opened: 15-Feb-2019 12:00AM EST
Closing: 15-Feb-2019 12:00AM EST

The office of the changeling coord is requesting a hunk of territory in the Dreaming in order to carry out medium-length plotline involving the ongoing conflict with the Fomorians. See The Winter War proposal for more details.

Coordinator Bylaws 3.C.iii.5 states:


Coordinators may lay claim to territories in order to preserve or uphold the status quo established by the canon material, or due to Council-approved plot-lines or other such world-events

a.                Claiming new or modifying existing territories is considered something that affects multiple Chronicles and must be brought to the OWbN Council independent of other proposals.

i.Coordinators may propose sole control of a territory, or joint control with other Coordinators, specified in the proposal.

ii.After a territory claim has passed a vote of the OWbN Council, the territory will be added to the Territory List posted on the OWbN website.

b.                Each claim must include the proposed levels of restriction for each category of the territory.

 .These categories are as follows:

I.Character backgrounds / back-stories: Approval, Notify, or None.

II.Use in Game-play: Approval, Notify, or None.

c.                These categories may be further specified, if desired, by creature type (for example: Vampires, Mages, Changing Breeds, Wraith) and/or Sect.

d.                The level of restriction for at least one of these categories (either Backgrounds or Game-play) must be Coordinator Notification or Coordinator Approval; a Coordinator may not lay claim to a territory which has "None" specified for both character backgrounds and game-play. Such areas are covered in the Administrative Bylaws, Section 1.B.iii.

I propose the attached Territories be claimed by the Changeling Coordinator's office.  Disposition and supporting justification for each Territory is below. I have included Conditional Approval Parameters per Council Committee feedback, accounting for the difference in travel frequency between the various supernatural species. Disposition and supporting justification for each Territory is described below.


Location: The Great Far Dreaming Forest Dreaming Realm and related areas including the Empire of Masks, the Discordant Woods, the Nameless City, the Walking Woods, the Winter Weir, the Milderwood, The Heart of the Forest, The Resting Place, the Silver Coast, and the Hidden Temple.

Geographical Specifics of Responsibility: The above and associated cities. 

Joint Approval: None

Conditional Approval for Backgrounds - Changeling [None]

General Restriction Level (Default Level unless otherwise noted in Conditional Approval Parameters Columns): [Coordinator Approval: Coordinator Changeling]

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