OWBN Online Store FAQ

How does this all work?

Most of us are familiar with fundraisers where you donate a certain amount towards a project or cause and receive items as incentives. Rather than create different incentive tiers, we are making everything À la carte!

These funds will be used on Marketing Team projects, and recordkeeping will be handled through the Finance Coord office.

What type of projects will the OWBN Marketing Fund help support?

The OWBN Marketing Fund will be used towards the promotion and development of OWBN chronicles and upcoming events. In addition, a portion of the funds will be used towards volunteer recognition and appreciation programs in order to thank OWBN participants who helped

When can I get my OWBN Gear?

For our current print run - either at Midwinter or shortly after. Unless the prints are done and delivered to us super-early, shipped orders will be sent out after Midwinter.

What are my delivery options?

Our current delivery options are:

  • At Midwinter, Camarilla game check-in (Th-Sat) or Mage game check-in (Saturday only)
  • Mail delivery by U.S.P.S.
  • At a post-Midwinter game for
    • Carpe Noctum
    • Obsidian Towers
    • Black Hawk County By Night

If you will be at Midwinter and want to pick up the orders for players in your game, email us at owbn.marketing{at}gmail{dot}com so we can add you to the list.

I can't make it to Midwinter - can a friend pick up my delivery?

Absolutely! After completing your sale, please submit a helpdesk ticket with the name and email address of the person who will be picking up your order.

Can we add (insert item here)?

We are looking into additional incentives and designs for future print runs. If you would like to volunteer your creativity for this, contact the Marketing Coord at owbn.marketing{at}gmail{dot}com

How can I donate to OWBN (without receiving anything)?

Click here to contribute to either OWBN's Marketing Fund or our General Fund. The General Fund is used to primarily cover our web server costs.

I have additional questions!

For questions about your order (or something not listed here), please submit a helpdesk ticket so we can follow up with you personally.