West Coast Gangrel Event

West Coast Gangrel Event

Event Description:

IC: (sent to Gangrel only via "The Winds". Delivered via an army of hyper raccoons and squirrels. For the more modern Gangrel, Pam will actually send you an email like a normal person.)
"Hey, all. I haven't heard word about a get together this year for out here. Sooooooooo, I'll host! Yay!
I found this cute little vernal pool a few miles southwest of the former town of Belfort, CA (It's a ghost town). It's kinda southeast of Wheeler Peak (the one near Mt. Patterson). It'll be August, when the last quarter of the moon is waning (Like, Aug 18-20). (38°24'41.6"N 119°16'43.0"W).
This place is a touch remote. I mean, driving close enough to hike out can be tricky, especially since the dirt road leading even remotely near there has been closed off to the public for a long while (something about the road washing out near Bridgeport). Safest route (IMHO) would be to see if you can get to the trailhead for Mt. Patterson & hike out from there. Since it’s a trek, and folk will likely have to fly in, I won’t be bringing cookies or beer. I’m sorry folk. But, there’s local wildlife. I hope for things to be mellow. I recognize our annual meet ups are fucking cursed. So, some sort of unplanned BS will probably occur. But, I want things to just be stories, love, and a peaceful time.
-Pam "The Cookie Gangrel"
OOC Summary:
The "West Coast Gangrel Event" is our annual camping trip. Good food, good friend, and good hiking. It's an excuse to get away and play in the woods.
ICly, this year will be hosted by Pam, and "Brood Trash Panda", everyone favorite set of loyal opposition Anarchs. Having some neonates hosting this year should spice things up a bit and keep it casual. 
Pam will also be assigning an official, "Aggression tree" to take your frustration out on.
Sheets must be sent to: ravenink@gmail.com or stocktonst@googlegroups.com NO LATER THAN AUGUST 8TH.
Even if you send your sheet ahead of time, please bring your Stamped and Signed Character sheet, to be checked in with Jorge Sidhu before entering play.

PLEASE NOTE - Can I play my Setite, and other questions:

This event was declared ICly as Gangrel only. Any non gangrel attends at their own risk. Make sure you can provide a method by which your character learned of the gather. If your character would do so, RSVP at ravenink@gmail.com
Sign in for game starts around 7:00 pm, game on at 8:00 pm, and we go till Midnight, or until the STs go to bed. Game normally runs late.
Can I bring my Assamite/Setite/Garou/Whatever?
See note above. Go at your own risk and RSVP letting me know how you heard about it.
Can I bring my Sabbat PC?
Yes. Just don't start fire dancing around the campfire and you'll be fine. Sabbat Gangrel go all the time; just be subtle about it and there shouldn't be any IC consequences.
Can I drink?
Yes. Please drink responsibly and bring lots of water.
Is there any OOC Ettiquete for the campsite?
Please clean up after yourself. Leaving food out is the easiest way to attract bees, so be mindful and clean. 
The group site is massive and can fit up to 50 people comfortably. That means we haven't gotten any noise complaints in the past, but please be good examples and try to avoid midnight screaming matches or electric guitar duels and we should we fine.
Finally, of course do not bring any firearms or explosive devices. If you want to get your hunting or fishing tag, there actually is an area about 5-10 minutes away where you can do that. :)
What if I don't want to camp?
Arnold is just down the street. I'm sure you can find a place there, and drive into site, if you absolutely do not want to camp.
What if I don't have a Gangrel, but I want to camp out and have fun with everyone?
We will have a variety of Pre-Gen sheets and NPCs available for the weekend. If you have a particular concept, feel free to shoot it our way for approval.
What do you do during the day?
Play tons of board games and card games. Hike. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Swimming is 10 minutes away, if that's your groove. 
This event is consistently one of my favorite of the year, and the primary reason for that is because it's rare to have a casual event where you to get to hang out with your friends, and some friends from out of town. Life can be hectic, and there's something about a change of setting that does wonders for the mind. 
Come out and make some memories, some stories, and some friends!
Event Dates: 18-Aug-2017 1:00AM PDT to 20-Aug-2017 12:00AM PDT
Genre(s): Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarch
ST Contact: stocktonst@googlegroups.com
Event Website:

Lodging Information:

Big Meadow Group Campground
Lodging Type: Campground
Lodging Details:
This is a CAMPING event, meaning we are sleeping in the glorious outdoors in our tents, grilling over the open fire, and telling tales by starlight! If you need help with accommodations, please contact Jorge, and we will see what we can do for you! If you're coming from out of town, fly into Sacramento International and email Jorge, he will figure out a carpool for you; we have plenty of people carpooling.
If you need spare camping gear, let us know. We have some.
Please bring a coat. It's normally warm/hot during the day, but it can get cold as night.
We are at site 001 which can be found here: 
Driving directions:
COST: This is a recommended site fee of $20, but nobody will be turned away if they don't have the funds. Donations beyond the site fee will go towards communal food and general camp supplies. Lots of people potluck, especially Saturday. If you want to volunteer to cook a communal meal, then CONGRATS you get in free.

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