Onslaught for Osprey's Aerie - Caern Raising

Onslaught for Osprey's Aerie - Caern Raising

Event Description:

The Sept of Mountain's Rest brings monumental news! As decreed by the Alpha, Frostbite known as "Rends-the False-God", the Sept will be rallying forces to raise a Rank 5 Caern under the watchful eyes of Osprey! The magnitude of the event is sure to bring forward myriad heinous creatures straight to their doorstep. Any battle-hungry, staunch ally of Gaia would be dismayed to miss out on this legendary undertaking. War will be waged, life lost, tales sung, and many a Rage spent burning through the forces that would rend Gaia herself asunder! Come for the glory, the honor, and the thrill of the kill!


The Event is being held OOC: In Cincinnati 

2200 Pinney Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Event Dates: 13-Jul-2018 5:30PM EDT to 14-Jul-2018 5:30PM EDT
Genre(s): Garou
ST Contact: rafsts@googlegroups.com
Event Website: Link
House Rules: Link

Lodging Information:

Lodging Type: Hotel
Lodging Details:

No room block has been reserved as this is a one time mini-event.  There are several hotels within a 10 minute drive that are reasonably priced.



Hampton Inn

Address: 430 Kolb Dr, Fairfield, OH 45014

Quality Inn and Suites

Address: 11967 Chase Plaza Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45240

Spring Hill Suites by Marriott

Address: 12001 Chase Plaza Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45240

Comfort Suites (usually the cheapest)

Address: 1234 Omniplex Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45240


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