Gangrel Event 2015

Gangrel Event 2015

Event Description:

Hello Guy's and Gal's from Gangrel Land!
I'm pimping what is surely one of the craziest fun events of the year. The Gangrel Event! June 19-21 2015
We do this every year at Dillon State park. We rent cabins and have a great time bouncing between bon fires at night, and grilling and doing summer activities throughout the day. The park has awesome hiking, a beach, and even a frisbee golf course (for those who throw discs). 
Can I come earlier or stay longer?
Absolutely. A lot of us get cabins on Thursday because people come from all over, and it gives us a night to shoot the shit and hang out without RP. It's our social thing cause a lot of us do this year in and out.
But what about cost?
Since you're renting cabins or camping space for tents, and have to cover your food and whatever else you bring, it's a free event to all who show up. There is no game fee!
What about Cabins?
They are fully functional with AC a full kitchen, and some kind of grill. They have a nice bathroom, a big screened in porch and a deck for you to do things on.
Do we have a special rate?
Nope - But cabins sleep 6 comfortably between 2 bedrooms and a couch. at $110.00/night for premium cabins with gas grills, the rate is comparable to any other event.
So what cabins do I want to reserve?
We blocked out the north loop between cabins 16 - 29 last year, and we want to do that again this year. The play site is pretty much the entire loop, and wherever anyone will let you go. But there is plenty of availability for cabins in both loops, and it's only about a mile to walk around to where the game site is. Since it's in the country, it pretty safe.
That sounds awesome! How do I reserve?
Call here 866) 644-6727 

Online here

But wait - what if I don't have a Gangrel?
Now's an excellent time to make an alt and come give it a shot. Meet people, talk to other Gangrel and go deep into bits of the culture. Maybe you got an IC invite to show up Friday?
Where do I send my Character Sheets?
Character sheets are due by June 1, 2015. They should be sent to  
Event Dates: 19-Jun-2015 4:00PM CDT to 21-Jun-2015 10:00AM CDT
Genre(s): Other
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Lodging Information:

Dillon State Park
Lodging Type: Campground
Website: Link

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