Collage Apocrypha: Art Show and Auction

Collage Apocrypha: Art Show and Auction

Event Description:


The Twin Cities: Domain of

“The Dread Prince” Thomas Charles Montgomery

Welcomes visitors to


Art Show and Auction

Peculiar and Intriguing Kaleidoscope of exhibits to contemplate


Items of Potential and Power for Procurement


July 20 2018



Contributions welcome for exhibit and auction

For further information on exhibiting or selling contact

Primogen: Domino Chance


Contact The Harpy with travel intentions and status at




Rules for participation in


Are you an artist, is your Character one, do you have some cool things you want to show off to people in or out of play. I am hosting a prop based art showing and welcome contributions to the shows. I would like props or picture representations for display. If you are interested in participating contact me at.

and the ST’s at

for participation 

The art exhibit

Items for display only may be anything that does not violate law or rules of the game as stated by Obsidian Towers.

For the art show I would like actual props or Pictures of the items to display, the items can have an item card attached if the card is approved by the ST’s the item will be considered to be in play. Items with description cards not oked by ST’s are there but only to show.

If you have a cool prop or a picture or something you think is cool or if you are an artist and want to show people your work send the information to me and the st’s   for approval I want this to be a fun reason for everyone to role play.

Items for display can be in or out of character.

Items for the Auction must be approved by the Obsidian Towers ST’s before inclusion in the auction. Items must have an Item card stamped by the ST’s and all items are in play.

Thanks and hope to see visitors.


Event Dates: 20-Jul-2018 6:15PM EDT
Genre(s): Camarilla
ST Contact:
Event Website: Link

Lodging Information:

Lodging Type: Hotel

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