Anarchy in the Desert

Anarchy in the Desert

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Attention Anarchs: It’s been a year since we started this Accord with the Phoenix Camarilla, it’s time we revisited it and determined its necessity. At the same time, I am hosting a party at my bar we’re calling it Anarchy in the Desert. Bring your bike, car, or truck we’re doing a Poker Run. Look for the tags to find the bar.

Unchained Arizona invites you to join us Jan 25th-27th, we are hosting an Anarch/Cam mini-event. There will be a meeting about the Phoenix Accord, a treaty signed to keep the peace in Phoenix, and other shenanigans. Other Genres TBD, see our facebook even page for more details to come.

Event Dates: 25-Jan-2019 6:00PM -03 to 27-Jan-2019 5:45AM -03
Genre(s): Camarilla, Sabbat, Anarch
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Courtyard Phoenix Chandler/Fashion Center Chandler
Lodging Type: Hotel
Website: Link
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Rooms 129 per night,
48 hr cancellation policy Must be booked by 12/28 for group rate

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