2018 - Giovanni - Hugo Klessig

Applicant Name:
Hugo Klessig
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Introduction and Background:

Many of you already know me from my time on council, my time as a Green Bay HST/storyteller or the countless times I have had to work with one of the coordinator staffs because of one of my players.  For those of you who don't know me, my name is Hugo Klessig and I have been an active part of the org and one of the founding players of Green Bay WI shattered dreams since 1999.  In my long term as a Giovanni player, I can say I have seen both the best and worst the genre has to offer and am well prepared to avoid the pitfalls which have plagued Giovanni genre from time to time.


Administrative Experience:

2001-20 02: Green Bay WI, Shattered Dreams Storyteller

2005- Present Day: Green Bay WI, Shattered Dreams Storyteller

2005- 2016: Green Bay WI, Shattered Dreams Council Rep

2012 - Giovanni Coordinator

2014 Giovanni Coordinator.


Personal Statement:

I started playing a Giovanni PC in 2005 (Marcus Giovanni) over the last 10 plus years my PC has worked himself up from a little nobody Giovanni to be the Don of Sheboygan WI, then the Don of Milwaukee WI and finally the Midwest Prefect.  It was no easy task for me, because I was one of the very few Giovanni that was left after the whole DMH downward spiral. With the help of current and previous coordinators and a lot of role play I have learned a lot about the Giovanni genre, as well as about Wraiths (Thanks Christian)  and the other setting elements that crosses over into Giovanni genre. There were times where I almost gave up on the character and took the easy way out and went the way of others. (IE: Just killing characters that crossed him and earning a bad reputation with this PC) Instead, I have "tried" to stick with the genre (Not an easy task) of the clan and by doing that,  I have seen some great role play and have learned a lot about the genre of the clan. I will admit that I do not know everything about the genre but I am willing to learn, and always seeking to expand my knowledge of the  Clan. By running for the Coordinator position, I hope to bring what I have learned about the genre to other players. St the same time, I hope to learn from them, and thus help to tell ever better stories for the Giovanni of One World by Night.

 I view a coordinator’s position as a mentor position, to help the players and storytellers keep with the genre of the Clan and Family. Coordinators are there to help the players and their storytellers tell good stories that all will enjoy. Coordinators are not there to bring in NPC after NPC to solve the problems of local games or regions. Don't get me wrong, sometimes to keep the continuity of the genre, NPCs may need to be brought in and the tough calls need to be made but, the vast majority of the problems or issues should be solved or dealt with by the players on a local level.



As most of you know, sometime on council I can be a real pigheaded ass but can't we all!?!? I have more than proven that I can be pig headed but at the same time I have also proven that I can listen to reason and logic and change my point of view. IE: I am capable and willing to work with people.

In closing:

In the years that I have been apart of the org, I have made it a personal habit to distance myself from any and all conflicts of interest between myself as a player, St, and former coordinator. As most of you can attest to. I am going to hold myself to that standard and keep doing the same thing  I will be placing my Giovanni PC on the shelf for the duration of my term.




1. I have some idea's for plot on the Necromancy end of things dealing with the Giovanni, and the Anarchs. I just need to speak with the coordinator first.


2.I would like to sit down with a team and go over the orobors packet and make it more st/player friendly


3. I have an idea to create a new lessor family of the Giovanni. It pertains to embraces by the family that went wrong and instead of a Giovanni being created it turned out to be a Caitiff. This is still in the planning stages. I would have to sit down with my team and work out the details and then get the input of the other coordinators before putting this to council.


4. I have some idea's to redefine the standards to Friends to the family and the perfect infiltrator merit. I feel that there needs to be more work done on the players end to get these merits. Stuff like this should not come easy and should not be bought on creation.


5. Larry has done an outstanding job with the Giovanni packets. Over the next year I would like to sit down

And take a look at the Harbinger of skulls packets along with the Samedi.